Sunday, March 7, 2010

Message in a blog

This message is for someone out there in space. No one will know whom this is. Or whom I am writing to. This person doesn't work with me and probably will never read this. So let's get started shall we!

1: Everytime I think of you I laugh. This is including the time you decided to do a karate kick and break your mom's cocktail table. I find the things you say are rather annoying. This also includes all the positive things that you try to be. In retrospect I think you're an amazing person with a smelly heart.

2: You don't make youtube videos anymore? I went to visit your channel and it was deleted. I don't understand? Why would you just like totally stop doing something you loved to do? Although the cat video was just weird, and the video you displayed about people and aliens didn't really thrill me. But I do have to say that you're a natural at making random things happen.

3: You're like the first person I drank Vodka with. Yes it wasn't the best tasting drink. It was mostly on the weak side to tell you the truth. But still that was my first ever drink. I shared that moment with you. I really thought it was awesome to drink with you. Although when you get a little to Vodka happy. I rather just stay clear of you.

4: I danced with you and honestly I didn't like it. You have two left feet. Seriously I rather dance with a shoe. At least the shoe won't step on my feet. Yes I was wearing flipflops that time you jerk! I think you had on cleats. My feet were red and soar for a week. I don't understand how can someone with two left feet even manage to walk in a straight line?

5: You would really benefit if you didn't shower for two weeks. Put on a blonde wig with an all black outfit. Hang a dead rat or a chicken from your neck. Rub trash all over your body and eat onions without brushing your teeth. This will really help broaden your appeal to people. Then carry a whole bottle of Vodka and wear shoes that are difficult to walk in. This will give people the impression you're a filthy hobo.

(This messages have been thrown into space. Not sure if the person will ever read this. But please note that I said everything honestly; and no that comment was not intended to offend! Just random curiosity that's all! I mean seriously can't take a joke?)
By Devon M

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