Monday, April 26, 2010

Night at Hooters

My original plan was to go to Kuma's Corner (recommended by Felipe). But those plans were sadly discarded after hearing about a three hour wait. We (me and a few friends) decided to go to Hooters instead. So without further to say - this is my review of Hooters.
Location: 8225 West Higgens Road
Average Cost: $10
Staff/ Service: The Staff is very friendly. But this isn't the place to go if you want your food serviced in a fast pace. The service is terrible, with the average wait time close to forty minutes. Once we recieved our order. The Waitress still failed to bring all the food that we ordered. Even when asked more than once. (1.2)
Food: Pretty average American-style food. The wings are pretty good. But nothing really stands out on the menu. Majority of the selections are within ten dollars and less. (If you read the menu expecting description of the food you're going to order. Please don't! As the menu was written to be funny. But it's not funny at all!) There's a seafood selection which aren't badly priced. But you may question the quality of their seafood. (3)
Atmosphere: There are TVs everywhere you turn. With a huge bar that allows you to watch the chefs cook. This restaurant can get rather loud and obnoxious pretty quick. (1)
Good for a first date?: I wouldn't reccommend this as a first date for anyone. If you're in a group of friends hanging out (maybe). But for a first date this place is too loud and too distracting. You're better off in a coffee shop. You'll get better service, and you'll get exactly what you ordered.

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