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Defining the music

'Timberwolves at New Jersey' Taking Back Sunday
This song is about a guy who is great with girls, while another guy is hopeless with them. The first verse is all the advice the first guy is giving to the other about getting a certain girl. The rest of the song is him telling the guy to give up, he wants to give up with the girl the hopeless guy is chasing. In Taking Back Sunday tradition, the title has nothing to do with the song and doesn't appear in the lyrics.

'Cute Without The E (Cut from the team)' Taking Back Sunday
This song talks about a boy who finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him. He tells her that he already knows and will kill himself for her. The guy knows he's supposed to hate her but he doesn't. The album title comes from a line in the chorus of this song: "And will you tell all your friends, you've got your gun to my head. This all was only wishful thinking."

'The Small Print' Muse
Originally titled 'Action Faust' after the story of a man who sold his sold to the devil. There are many references to the devil such as "The priest God never paid" and "slave to the grave".

'Gold Teeth on a Bum' Dillinger Escape Plan
According to Wilson this song is about: "Keeping your priorities in order during an age when taking care of the luxuries and letting the necessities take care of themselves is often the default mode of thinking ourselves into proverbial corner".

'Counting 5,4,3,2,1' Thursday
In a letter sent to fans, it explained, "Geoff Rickly (lead singer, Thursday) lived in a small village for the start of his life and it was extremely boring, so he made a pact with a friend to leave someday for the big city. All his life he lived in this same house, surrounded by this same white fence. He swore he would get out, but his friend died on the train tracks (ties in with "Running From The Rain") in the town. He never left and this if Rickly's grief.

'Steps Ascending' Thursday
Lead singer Geoff Rickly told fans at a concert before he sang this song that it was about how he and his best friend at the time got into a fistfight and didn't speak for years. His best friend was shot in the head and killed while playing with a gun on vacation and Geoff never got a chance to apologize. He said he always had dreams of his friend running down the stairs of his attic where they used to hang out, hence the name "Steps Ascending."

'Change (In The House Of Flies) Deftones
Moreno: "It's a metaphorical song. You could take it in the literal sense of me watching someone turn into a fly and taking them home with me and pulling of their wings and laughing. It spawns from me being a complete a--hole and getting the complete repercussion for it by having my life taken away."

'Beware' Deftones
Deftones lead singer Chino Moreno told Kerrang! that this song is "a warning against the temptation of women, drugs, alcohol or any other vice. It's quite dark." Moreno was doing a lot of cocaine during the recording of their 2000 album White Pony (hence the title), and ended up on speed while they were making Saturday Night Wrist. Said Moreno: "I could work insane hours when I was on it. I could be in the studio for days coming up with great ideas, but when I went back to it none of it made any sense." After a year recording Saturday Night Wrist with producer Bob Ezrin, Chino Moreno got frustrated and left to work on his side project, Team Sleep. "Beware" was the first song the band wrote when he returned. In Ezrin's place, Shaun Lopez picked up production of the album.

'Hole in the Earth' Deftones
Deftones lead singer Chino Moreno explained that this song is a reference to the turmoil they went through making the Saturday Night Wrist album. About a year into recording, Moreno felt it wasn't up to standard and started putting his efforts into his ambient music side project, Team Sleep. Moreno was also going through a divorce and doing a lot of speed, which didn't help. "Hole in the Earth" was Moreno's way of addressing that challenges he and his bandmates faced to make the record. Chino says he didn't explain his lyrics to the band until after the album was recorded. This was the first single released from Saturday Night Wrist. The album title is a reference to a medical condition one of Moreno's friends suffered called Saturday Night Palsy, which is caused by sleeping with your arm over a chair or with someone lying on it - typically the person has passed out drunk when this happens. A notable victim of this condition is Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.

'Manic Depression' Jimi Hendrix
The song's name, "Manic Depression," is an old name for bipolar disorder, a mental health disorder. There is no evidence the Hendrix ever suffered from bipolar disorder himself. Hendrix was doing a press conference in London and his manager at the time, Chas Chandler, told him that he sounded like a manic depressive. So the next day Hendrix wrote this tune. In this song, Hendrix sings of despair and confusion, and wonders just what kind of world this is anyway. His protective haven from the chaos is "music, sweet music." This is one of the more unusual songs performed in 3/4 Waltz time.

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