Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Woman in black review

Woman In Black

The Woman in Black is based on a novel of the same name written by Susan Hill. With starring roll played by Daniel Radcliffe and supporting roles by Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer, Sophie Stuckey and Liz White. The movies starts off with Arthur Kipps who lives with his four-year old son Joseph and his son's nanny. Kipp's wife Stella died after childbirth. Arthur has visions of her and is facing financial problems along with stress from his employers. He is assigned to handle estate of Alice Drablow who owed Eel Marsh, where she had lived with her husband, son Nathaniel and Sister Jennet. During his train ride to this small town, Arthur becomes friends with a wealthy landowner named Sam who offers Arthur dinner with him and his wife. The next day Arthur goes to the estate to begin doing the paper work. All during his time at the estate, he constantly hears foot steps and eireey noises that begins to bother him. 

At this point, you'll think that the movie is going to turn into one of those cheese ghost stories. With the guy trying to find out what's making all the noises and gets spooked to the point he runs out of the estate. This is true, however the movie begins to get more and more weird as Arthur goes back to town. Suddenly one by one children are dying of strange deaths. The first death is a little girl who walks in with her brothers while Arthur is in the police station. She had drank lye and had turned pale from the effects of internal bleeding. Arthur tries to save the little girl by calling for help, but she dies in his arms. The Townspeople believe that a woman in black is coming after their children for revenge of her child dying. At this point you're wondering why the woman in black is after the towns people children? Well here's a little back story. The woman in black son died in a accident near the marsh. He could've been saved but it was too late. He drowned in the marsh and she never forgave those who were in the carriage that could've saved him. 

Arthur thinks that reuniting the woman in black with her child will bring her peace and help calm her spirit. However, in the end he ends up dying with his son at the end of the movie. You see the woman in black standing there and the movie cuts to credits. For a horror film its pretty average. The scenery and where the film is shot is pretty spooky and really gives you the sense of horror. However, the movie is just too predictable. Many of the scenes are just Arthur walking through the spooky mansion. There are a lot of scenes where there really isn't anything being said. The scares through out the movie feel like they are being forced on to you. At times you feel like you're being forced to be scared. Daniel Radcliffe did a great job as leading actor. He really took on a great role, however his interaction with the rest of the people through out the film is rather stellar at best. 

The Woman in black is one of those movies that tries too hard to scare you. It's predictable and isn't really scary, but the scenes and the whole set up of the movie does a good job at being spooky.  

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