Thursday, July 13, 2017

We tries ZipCar for a day

The latest trend in urban commutes is not buying a car smaller than a motorcycle but actually sharing a car with other people. ZipCar is the new car sharing program that allows people who live in tight and congested urban areas the ability to own a car without having to go through the hassles and cost of having one. You sign up for a membership and pick between to plans. The first plan is for occasional driving. Those who may just stop at the grocery store or need a car rarely will benefit from this plan. The second plan which seems like the logical choose is for those who use a car quite often but not enough to consider buying one for themselves. This is the plan my friend had was eager to show me the benefits of.

 Once you have your membership and you’re ready to rent a car for a few hours. All you have to do is reserve a car. You can reserve online or call a number reserve via over the phone. This is handy but it doesn’t take the perks of actually owning your own vehicle. Once you’ve gotten your reservation and your time has come to get a car. You can pick the car you want or you can find a location from the several locations across the Chicago area with the car you are looking for. Down side is that you have to return that ZipCar to the same location from which you picked it up from.

          We got our ZipCar and it was a Honda Civic Hybrid. Since we were in Wrigelyville and there’s tons of traffic, a hybrid would make the most sense. Driving inside of the Honda was an interesting experience to say the least. The car had a distinct odor that words can’t describe. It felt like someone decided to live in the car, shower in the car and give the car back. It was just horrible and disgusting. I was given a go at the wheel and joy of joy the steering was way out off balance and the way it drove felt like it was abused by a million people within one day. This car felt beat up and smelled really bad. If you had your own car you wouldn’t have to worry about this problem.

          When you don’t own a car it’s much different. You tend to drive the car however way you desire. These cars are driven in that exact manner. But you do get free insurance and gas included in the plan.

          After running around doing errands for about a few hours it was time to return the smelly horrible vehicle. Which was the bigger problem with ZipCar is that you have to return the car at the exact time or else the next driver will report you and you will be penalized. Luckily the next driver wasn’t too pissed and was eager to get going to his poetry reading in Uptown. The whole concept of ZipCar is great. Providing transport for those who need it but can’t afford their own car is awesome. Plus free insurance and gas car is included in both plans. Downside is you’re sharing a car with other people who won’t take care of the car properly.

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