Thursday, May 10, 2018

Devon ponders the reason of a two-seat Mini (Used)

2012 Mini John Cooper Works Coupe -- 11-26-2011 front.jpg

If you desire a Mini with only two-seats this will be the perfect Mini for you.
Performance: The standard 1.6 produces 121hp. You can step up to the Cooper S with a turbocharged 181hp while the JCW pumps out 208hp. Pick of the range is the Cooper S. It really does combine performance and fuel economy well. It’s the most sensible version you can buy.
On the road: The standard suspension is the most sensible way to have the Coupe. It handles well and the ride is still smooth enough for most drivers taste. We certainly do love the sports suspension which really does sharpen the handling. But the only trade-off is you’ll have to deal with an overly firm suspension which most will forgive because it really does make the Coupe that much more fun to drive. Road noise can enter the cabin on some road surfaces while wind noise is plenty at highway speeds. Overall the Mini does feel refined.
Behind the wheel: The driver’s seat and steering wheel offers plenty of adjustment but that’s where the positives end. The dashboard design puts style of functionality which makes it a nightmare to use. The narrow rear window and thick pillars mean rear visibility is dreadful. Even though the Mini Coupe only has two seats, there is plenty of room for both. Headroom and legroom are good with a decent sized boot.
Equipment: The Cooper, Cooper S and JCW all pretty much have the same array of standard features. CD-player, air-con and keyless entry with push button start all come standard. You’ll have to pay extra to get the features that you’ll most likely want and that pushes the price higher than we’d like.
Buying & owning: Mini is known for being more expensive than even some of its indirect rivals. But resale value will be strong thanks to the fact that Mini has been very popular. Running costs will be decent to if you avoid the outrageously fast JCW trim.
Quality & safety: The switch gear and some controls feel cheap and fiddly. Other than those few bits the interior quality feels impressive and looks sturdy enough. Reliability has vastly improved over the years; we think that the Coupe should be no different. The go-kart like handling encourages you to push on through corners and bends. If things get a little out of control stability control kicks in to help keep you on the road. The sophisticated brake should also help you avoid an accident. There are front and side airbags to keep you from harm in case of a collision.
The Mini Coupe is a hoot to drive although it is kind of expensive and Mini is stingy with the standard kit list. We however struggle to find what the point of this Mini.
Likes: It’s a hoot to drive. Cooper S and JCW trim add to the excitement.
Dislikes: Typical Mini being stingy with standard kit, we struggle to find the point of it. The dashboard aims for style rather than functionality.
Devon’s Choice: The Cooper S blends performance and running costs well for such a low asking price. However you’ll have to pay for the kit you’ll most likely want and that sky rockets the price quickly.  

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