Saturday, August 25, 2018

Devon test drives a Mercedes C-class coupe (Used)

The Mercedes C-class coupe pins itself against the Audi A5 and BMW 4-series. In coupe form the C-class looks sleeker and much more aggressive. But does it have what it takes to compete with two very competitive keen rivals?

Performance: The standard 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder producing 201hp will satisfy most buyers. But those who really want that six-cylinder experience will be much more satisfied with the 3.5-liter six-cylinder which pumps out 302hp. Top of the range AMG has a 451hp 6.3-liter eight-cylinder which is wicked fast. Pick of the range is the standard C250 which is all you’ll ever really need. Running costs are decent and the starting price is decent as well.
On the road: The C-class comes standard with a sports suspension. With the 17-inch alloy wheels on the C250 things are somewhat bearable. However things are a lot worst if you get the 18-inch alloy wheels or choose the higher trims with larger alloys. The ride is just too firm and is fidgety over anything but the smoothest of surfaces. Handling however is the tradeoff. It’s pretty good with decent body control. The steering lacks the sharpness the 4-series has. Interior quality doesn’t even feel up to par with its rivals. There’s just too much wind and road noise that enters the cabin. This is disappointing because the C-class has such a prestigious badge.
Behind the wheel: Just like the C-class sedan the C-class coupe inherits several of its annoyances. There are too many menus to scroll through with the infotainment system which can become distracting if you want to use it while on the go. Entry into the rear is easy thanks to the front seat which automatically moves forward which helps get in out the back more dignified. The slopping roofline however does hinder rearward visibility and headroom. But the boot is a decent size.
Equipment: Dual zone climate control, Attention assist, LED daytime running lamps and 17-inch alloy wheels come standard. You’ll have to step up to C350 to get 18-inch alloy wheels, eco start/stop system and heated front seats. Top of the AMG trim adds get body-kit, sports suspension with bi-xenon headlamps.
Buying & owning: The C-class is priced about average with its keen rivals from Audi and BMW. The badge really does help save resale value. Running costs will be okay if you stick with the four-cylinder or six-cylinder. The AMG trim pushes running cost and purchase price very high.
Quality & Safety: Much of the materials used in the C-class just don’t feel as classy as in the A5 or 4-series. The design is rather bland. But it does feel sturdy and long lasting. Plus on the upside many C-class owners haven’t really complained too much about it in terms of reliability. Stability control with pre-crash bracing system is standard. There’s also a special system which warns driver of fatigue. Plus there’s lane departure warning which prevents you from wandering out of your lane on the highway.
Overall: The C-class coupe is a great alternate to the Audi A5 and BMW 4-series. However don’t expect too much of a discount and you’ll have to pay for some options that you’ll find standard on the 4-series. Also the quality isn’t even up to par with Mercedes standards. Picking a C-class is clearly for those who want the Mercedes Badge. However those who know Mercedes quality will be disappointed.
Likes: C-class AMG body-kit and alloys really do make it look classy. AMG is wicked fast.

Dislikes: The C-class with AMG package may look good but isn’t great to drive and is punishing to live with. Quality isn’t up to the typical Mercedes standards.

Devon’s Choice: The C250 is the only one that makes the most sense if you are trying to walk away with the most reasonably priced C-class coupe. The C350 has more oomph while the C63 AMG is wicket fast. However both are fitted with 18-inch alloys and sport suspension combination. This makes the ride comfort punishing to live with and makes it hard for us to recommend them.

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