Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Devon tries to make sense of a Prius-V (Used)

The Prius-V adds a splash of interior room and boot space over the standard Prius hatchback. The Prius-V may tick all the right buttons. But is it worth the premium?

Likes: The interior and boot space is roomier than the standard Prius hatch. Still fuel efficient and is a comfortable drive around town.

Dislikes: CVT doesn’t like to be rushed, and when it does it makes the engine whine. Nothing exciting about the looks or the driving experience, not sure the premium is well justified over the standard Prius hatch.

Overall: It’s an appliance with top notch quality and reliability. For some it’s just enough, but for others there are more engaging alternatives that are just as efficient.

Performance: The engine output is modest at best. But for those who want a fuel efficient vehicle they won’t mind. Around town it’s feels at home, it’s smooth and zippy. On the highway if you drive with a spirited right foot the CVT will make the engine whine which makes the Prius-V sound unrested on long journeys.

On the road: It’s not all that engaging to drive but it handles safely and securely. This will be enough for most drivers but others who want a sharper drive will like the Volkswagen Jetta wagon more. The ride comfort is smooth except on uneven road surfaces which make the ride really firm.

Equipment: The standard kit will be enough for most buyers unless you have to have extra bits like HID headlights and larger alloy wheels. We highly suggest sticking with the standard form which is good enough with a decent price tag.

Buying & owning: We were on the fence as to whether or not the Prius-V is really worth paying the premium for when the standard Prius hatch is pretty much roomy and well kitted as well. Resale value should be pretty strong because demand for hybrid vehicles is still pretty high. Running costs will be low too especially if you drive it the way it was intended.

Quality & safety: The interior is okay. The plastics used in certain areas look cheap and drab, but they feel sturdy and long lasting. Safety kit is extensive and there’s plenty of it for the money.

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