Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pathological hate debunks anti-gay marriage arguments

Once again debunking terrible arguments used against gay marriage. Yes they are all terrible!

'Homosexuality injures the fabric of society, especially children.'
Allowing two consenting adults the right to get married is going to injure society how? Telling someone who they can and can't love is harmful to society because it ruins morale. Especially if that love isn't harming other people. What two adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of anyone's business but their own. Stop using your religion to shame people just because of your bible.

'Homosexuality is anti-procreation.'
What about the couples who can't have children, or the couples who don't want children? What you basically are saying here is the only reason for two people to get married is to have children. The bible says that man is robot and woman is baby factory and marriage is not to be expressed for the love between two individuals. It's sad that we have to use our religion to discriminate against other people because they don't follow your religious dogma. It's one thing that you have your ideals of marriage and no one is trying to take that away from you, but when you are trying to take the rights away from other people please do expect to be heavily criticized because what you are saying is wrong! Marriage should be between two people who love each other whether it is two men or two women. We should not be shaming people with our religion and saying you can't get married because its for children and not out of love.

'Homosexuality does not offer the stability of a traditional family.'
Do you have any proof of this? I've seen many same-sex couples with children and the children are happy and grow up like every other child. Just because it takes man and a woman can create a child doesn't mean they have what it takes to raise that child. Science even proves that a child can be raised by a single parent or even by a same-sex couple and grow up just like every other child. Denying a child the chance to have a loving and supportive family because it doesn't follow within your guidelines of what a family should be is just plain cruel.

'Homosexuals have a higher incidence of infidelity.'
And heterosexual couples are just the poster children of what a real marriage should be right? Wrong! They are heterosexual couples who are in open marriages there are heterosexual couples that cheat as well. Get off your high horse and use some common sense! You put heterosexuality on a silver platter like it goes with no flaws when in reality there many flaws, especially those who use their bible to try and make themselves look better than they are.

'Homosexuals have a shortened lifespan.'
Do you have any proof of to back such a radical claim? No I don't think you do and you can't use AIDS/HIV because it isn't something only gay people get. Heterosexual couples can spread it too you know, this is why they say always wear protection. Your bible is the reason why so many gay people have short lifespan because it tells you to stone people to death for being gay!! It's your bible that leads to people of the LGBT community to taking their own lives because some people rather be dead than to be who they are. It's sad that as a society if you are in the LBGT community you are frowned upon for something you can't control. You can control being an asshole and this statement further proves that!

'Homosexuals have a much higher incidence of domestic violence.'
Again where is the proof? Your bible surely doesn't say you shouldn't beat your wife. In fact there are tons of religions that say that it is okay to beat your wife if she doesn't submit to you sexually or if she doesn't do what you tell her to. There are heterosexual couples who exhibit domestic violence and often display it in front of their children and it has a negative impact on them because they see this and think that it is perfectly okay to do when they are older and in a relationship with someone. Domestic violence is not okay in anyway shape or form, but to blame this on same-sex couples and say they are most likely to exhibit this is just down right cruel. You really do have your information completely obscured and just want to make your religion and bible look so much more better than it really is.

'Homosexuals have a much higher rate of molestation than heterosexuals.'
This statement really does make me angry because it is completely and utterly untrue. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean that they want to molest children! I've seen so many heterosexuals exhibit molestation and even in the bible men were allowed to take young virgin girls as their wives and they had to submit to them sexually. Please do tell me how only gay people molest children and heterosexuals don't do any of the such. Yes you really are delusional aren't you?

'Homosexuality is not condoned in the bible.'
You can't eat shellfish. You can't mix fabrics. You can't trim your beard. You must honor Sabbath Day. You can't commit adultery. You can't go to a fortune teller. You can't eat pork. Shall I say more? We all know that you can't get your morale from the bible it isn't a good source of that. Otherwise we'd stoning people to death and reverting back to the dark ages. Jesus never preached against gay marriage!

'Homosexuals want to redefine marriage, changing the uniqueness of heterosexual marriage.'
If you believe marriage should be between one man and one woman that's fine! No one is trying to take your opinion away from you, however when your opinion infringes on the rights of other people then it becomes a problem. Why do you care so much that two men or two women are getting married? You don't have to get married to someone of the same-sex unless you are hoarding feelings for someone of the same-sex.

'Homosexual marriages will lead to other unnatural unions.'

Object sexuality does exist and there are tons of people married to landmarks, inanimate objects and including themselves. Polygamy does exist as well. Please don't tell me that your marriage is will be ruined when there are couples who get divorced right after getting married and having the whole marriage annulled like it never happened. It's one thing to want to protect your ideals on marriage and it's another to infringe on the rights of others who have no direct correlation to your life. Gay people deserve the right to be married like everyone else. Marriage is a human right. Bestiality will never be accepted because it is not two consenting adults and to say that this is your way of justifying your hate of others who aren't harming people really shows your ignorance on the subject.

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