Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Devon test drives Volkwagen's Golf Wagon (Used)

Compact crossovers maybe all the rage right now but not everyone finds them appealing; and for those few individuals the Golf wagon is the perfect alternate. Here’s why:

The standard 1.8 turbo is the best combo for low running costs and flexibility in performance; plus it is priced within reason too. The 2-liter TDI is also priced within reason too but finding one will be a chore because this is the most popular form of Golf wagon. Both engines can be had with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed DSG auto gearbox.

Whatever wagon stigma you may have in your mind should be immediately thrown to the birds when you look at the Golf Wagon. The steering feedback is good and the ride comfort is excellent; all while offering decent handling and good body control. Most will think that since it is a wagon it will be noisier than a sedan but you’ll be wrong again here because wind and road noise are both kept to a hush and you won’t even hear a peep out of the suspension.

Volkswagen does know a thing or two about infotainment display and user-friendly functionality. Both are well regarded in the Golf Wagon. Front driver and front passengers will be greeted with the most comfortable seats and even the second row passengers won’t complain much about legroom and headroom. The boot space is what makes a wagon a wagon and yes it is generous even with the second row seat folded down. Roof rails are standard as well to add versatility.

S trim comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, V-TEX leatherette seating surfaces, air-con, cd-player and Bluetooth for your mobile phone. SE trim adds panoramic sunroof, keyless start and a rearview camera. Top of the range SEL trim comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, navigation system and power-folding exterior mirrors.

The Golf Wagon is the best choice for anyone refusing to follow the trend of the compact crossover segment. However, the Golf wagon doesn’t offer all-wheel-drive and for those who may want that option will have to venture elsewhere. Everyone else will be happy with the Golf because even the SE trim offers decent value for the money in both the 1.8 turbo and TDI. Discounts should be available and resale value should be strong especially with the TDI.

Volkswagen hasn’t been the best in terms or reliability but we have very little doubt the Golf Wagon reliability will be top notch. Interior materials have been gradually improved over the previous generation and the safety kit is comprehensive; electronic stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes and electronic brake force distribution all come standard.

Don’t want to follow the trend of compact crossovers and don’t mind the lack of all-wheel-drive. The Golf Wagon hands down is the best choice money can buy. You seriously will not be disappointed here.

Likes: Space for passengers and cargo are both generous. Standard kit is decent too and both engines manage good flexibility and low running costs well.

Dislikes: No all-wheel-drive option; the GTI’s engine would be a nice addition too.

Devon's Pick: SE trim manages to combine decent kit at a decent price in both 1.8T and TDI.

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