Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pathological hate Blog 1

I was only ten years old and I was living in a funeral home with my grandparents. Growing up wasn’t all that normal because most of the time my granddad would be prepping the bodies of the deceased for viewing and my grandma would help the grieving families make the funeral arrangements. There was four of us, three boys and one girl and we loved to play hide and seek. My granddad would get mad if we played in the funeral home and would always yell at us to go away; go outside and play he would always say. My grandma didn’t like us playing outside especially when they would have grieving families walking into the funeral home; she really didn’t want us to see what was going on. I would never forget the day that changed my whole life about death and what could possibly be the afterlife. It was a stormy day and we couldn’t go outside to play and we couldn’t play video games because there was a power outage due to the storm. My grandma and granddad were quite worried about the prep room and focused much of their attention in the basement. My cousins and I were very bored and we really wanted to just run and play like normal kids. So we devised a plan to play hide and seek and we would risk getting in trouble. So we ran into the funeral home and began to play our innocent game.

The first time I was caught quickly because I didn’t hide all that well. I had to count to fifty and find my cousins who were hiding in the dark funeral home. I began to walk slowly and the more I began to walk the more and more scared I became. The lighting flashing behind me would light the path in front of me for a split second and made everything in the hallway look spooky. I kept walking because I knew if I found my cousins the game would be over and we could just play something else. I turned the corner of the hallway into a pitch black hallway the only thing lit was the exit sign but then the light kept flickering on and off like someone was playing with the switch. I could hear nothing and I could see barely two inches a head of me. It was the most scared I had ever been in my young life. My heart began to beat fast and I could feel my hands shake uncontrollably.

The rooms that I walked past all were empty except one room which the light was on in and it was the only room with light in it. I slowly walked to the room because I thought maybe my cousins had hid in this room. Maybe if I found them we could stop playing this game and just go back to the house and pretend we never played in the funeral home and disobeyed the orders not to play in here. I started to smile and slowly tiptoe towards the room. I stopped by the door and tried to see if I could hear anyone in the room. I slowly peeped into the room and saw nothing the first time but I was so scared because something ominous struck me, something wasn’t right with this room and I didn’t want to walk in; but I had to end this game it was the worst idea we had ever came up with. I took a deep breath and turned into the room. What I seen next was something out of a horror movie it was the worst thing I ever seen. The body that was in the casket rose up and it sat there. I stood there in horror because I didn’t understand where the lights were coming from.

All I could see was the body just sitting upright in the casket and it wasn’t moving it just sat there and a strange cloaked figure appeared from behind the casket and it had a box in its hand. The box was shining very brightly and was probably the light source for the whole room. It pointed at me and I screamed very loud and uncontrollably. I ran out of the room as fast as I could and I didn’t turn around. I looked back the moment I got half way through the hallway and see the light in the room start to slowly flicker off and the whole funeral home lit back up again. My cousins who were hiding in the office came out to see what was wrong. I tried to tell them what I saw and they both laughed at me. My grandparents eventually discovered where we were and they were not very happy that we disobeyed them. I tried to tell them what I saw but they said that when you’re scared your mind plays tricks on you and it will make something appear that isn’t really there. I know what I saw and that figure had a box it was a bright light that wasn’t like anything I had ever seen. The cloaked figure looked and felt like pure evil the energy spewing from it would make anyone cringe with fear.

I couldn’t sleep at all the night and all I could think about was why was that cloaked figure in the room with that body and why was it holding that box?

Next morning I woke up and decided to sneak down into the funeral home again because I knew that the family would be there for the deceased person and I sat there looking in. The eulogy was pretty typical with people talking about the good times and how he was such a good person; as I stood there an old lady stood next to me smiled. I had never seen this woman before and she looked at me with the most unusual smile I had ever seen. “Some people go to heaven and some people go to hell; in his case my child this man is not going to heaven.” I looked up at her and asked her and wanted to ask why wasn’t he going to heaven? But before I could ask her anything she walked away and turned into the same room where I saw the man and the cloaked figure.  

I ran into the room to see no one was in the room and no one was there but another body in a casket. I slowly walked into the room and noticed it was the same person in which I was speaking too. Chills went up and down my spine and I ran back to the house and hid under my covers. Till this day I could never figure out what I saw and it’s strange because most people just say that I was seeing things and my mind was playing tricks on me

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