Saturday, October 6, 2018

Christian thinks Atheists are funny (stupid)

Atheists are fighting against something they don't believe exists. It's like writing blogs against Caspar the Friendly Ghost or Bilbo Baggins. Why would you bother?

Okay, so we’re playing the ‘put all atheists in one box’ game? Well, Christians might sound like this. ‘We don’t have to prove to you god exists. You have to prove to us that god doesn’t exist.’ (Now that we’ve got that out of the way) I personally don’t know of any atheists that are going out of their way to speak against god. However, we will defend our lack of belief when we feel that we are being attacked which is (majority of the time) Christians wanting to force their beliefs down other people’s throats. I do have a problem with it and I will call you out on your bullshit, because sometimes it has to be done.

Atheists spend more time writing on Christian blogs than they do on their own. Why fuel a nonexistent fire?

That is not true! Well I’m a bad example of this.

You Christians love to play the victim card. I’ll admit I do go onto Christian Websites and respond; but that’s because 99.9% of the time the websites I go onto are in full fledge attack mode against atheists. We have no morals, our lives are meaningless and we are savage wild animals looking to attack poor innocent Christians. Again, the only people fueling the fire are you Christians because (we) atheists don’t want to participate in your cult of a religion.

Show us actual evidence your god exists and we will surely change our minds. (And I don’t mean show me the bible or the look around you fallacy.)

Atheists love to act intellectual until you catch them doing something illogically and then they scream profanities cause that's really intellectual.

Really, atheists love to sound intellectual? This is coming from someone who thinks there are talking snakes. A burning bush spoke to Moses. A man was swallowed by a whale and lived in its stomach for three days. Noah and his family repopulated the earth. People just pop into existence from dirt and bones. The world is only 6,000 years old and was created in only six days. A magical boat carried two of every species on the planet. Yes! You are so right, that sounds so much more intellectual than anything us atheists have to say.

Atheists have the word theist in their name. Every time they say who they are they call attention to God.

The term atheism originated from the Greek ἄθεος (atheos), meaning "without god(s)", used as a pejorative term applied to those thought to reject the gods worshiped by the larger society.

The term was actually thrown at people who refused to participate in a religion that is all based on blind faith. You can’t see god. You can’t see heaven and there is actually no proof of almost all of the claims in the bible. It’s almost like the bible and religion were manmade concepts used for control.

Atheists condemn all that's wrong with Christianity and yet cannot produce one work of art, literature or sacrificial deed done in the name of atheism. Even they realize it's not worth dying for.

Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, Rosalind Franklin (to name a few) might have something different to say about that.

Christianity has a very violent and downright awful history. You cannot ignore it because even your holy text goes into detail about the things that people have done in the name of your god. No ideology is worth killing or dying for.

Atheists only believe in what their senses tell them unless its Darwin telling them things that happened billions of years ago, then they have more faith than a Catholic at First Communion.

I can say, ‘Christianity is all based on blind faith. Its followers are prone to getting mad when they’re whole belief system is questioned.’

Do you know why we have more faith in Darwin? Well, I wouldn’t use the word ‘faith’, but Darwin has provided proof that could be tested scientifically. Your bible does have some historical locations but that’s it. I still have yet to see a talking snake and we have yet to see traces of penguins and polar bears making the long journey from Antarctica to the Middle East to get on a magic boat.

Atheists believe in science unless the scientists believe in God, then they denounce the scientist and call him a moron.

The moment someone becomes an atheists, you Christians immediately condemn him to hell and label him a Devil Worshipper.

Secondly, most scientists who actually go into research to discover if god does exist always comeback an atheist.

We atheists don’t discredit any scientists that believe in god. It’s actually quite the opposite, we want to know if a god does exist and we constantly ask the question. Where is the proof? We can’t believe something based off blind faith, that’s not how it works. We have to have actual empirical data to suggest that this deity really does exist. Maybe god can just I don’t know reveal himself to the world and end this debate? It’s like god is playing both sides of the debate, or maybe he’s too embarrassed because what we think he is and what he actually is two differ notions.

Maybe he really just doesn’t exist at all!

Atheists believe in their fellow man, unless their fellow man believes in God, then they denounce their fellow man and call him a moron.

I don’t know any atheists that go out of their way to call Christians or any religious person a moron. Secondly, your religion is moronic because it’s all blind faith. You can’t see god. You can’t touch god and you can’t talk to him because he’s not real!

However, if this is what you believe and you find comfort in it. I’m totally fine with that. I won’t judge you or call you a moron. However, it becomes a problem when you try to enforce your religion onto me. I may not believe what you believe and that’s fine. We have a difference in opinion in one shape or another. No one gives a flying fuck about your religion.

I actually denounce anyone who thinks that it’s okay to judge others who aren’t harming anyone.

Atheists believe in the great free-thinkers of the past like Andrew Flew unless they change their mind and become theists then they denounce them and call them morons.

I wouldn’t say we denounce them, to be honest we don’t denounce anyone who believes in god. Atheists respect those who believe and only want to respect in return. It’s when religious people think that we need to believe what they do and get mad when we don’t want to.

You’re obsessed with name calling. I don’t know many atheists that go out of their way to call people morons and denounce them. I know plenty of Christians that do this.

Atheists don't believe in morons unless they are atheists and then they embrace them and call them intellectuals.

I know a lot of Christians that only associate with Christians. They all gather every Sunday and worship their deity. While other people choose to just be individuals and free-thinkers, those are the real morons? No! I wouldn’t dare call anyone who worships a deity that refuses to reveal himself, judges others and wants you to murder innocent people. I would never!

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