Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pathological test drives BMW 3-series GT (updated)

BMW 318d GT Modern Line (F34) – Frontansicht, 31. August 2013, M√ľnster.jpg
Looking for a vehicle that is truly unique without having to pick a typical coupe or sedan? The 3-series GT fits the bill perfectly. But is it worth the premium though?

The standard 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder produces 248hp. You can step up to an optional 3-liter turbocharged six-cylinder which produces 320hp. Both engines can only be had with all-wheel-drive. Pick of the range is a mere matter of taste here. The standard engine seems like a good deal until you compare it to the 3-series touring which is more versatile for similar money. The top of the range slowly enters into 5-series territory and only really makes sense if you want a 5-series with similar engine but don’t want to cough up the money.

On the road the 3-series GT is best had with the expensive adaptive M suspension. Without it the steering is heavy and the ride and handling are utterly disappointing. The adaptive M suspension lets you adjust the ride comfort for sporty and or comfort. We’d highly suggest leaving it in comfort mode because it really does help make the 3-series GT ride like a dream. In sport mode the ride is just too firm for our tastes.

The standard engine at idle sounds like a diesel engine, there’s just way too much clatter. The biggest disappointment is the stop/start system. When the engine reengages the whole car shutters. This is disappointing because the 3-series GT isn’t a cheap proposition to begin with. At least wind and road noise are well suppressed and with the adaptive M suspension the 3-series GT is a comfortable long distance cruiser.

This is where the 3-series GT and any other BMW becomes an expensive proposition, the options list. Standard form offers rain sensing windshield wipers, power tailgate, automatic climate control and HD radio. Bi-xenon headlamps are now standard across the range as well as; auto-dimming exterior mirrors with power fold feature and Bluetooth hands free connectivity for your mobile phone.

Buying a 3-series GT like any other BMW isn’t going to be cheap and discounts will be hard to come by. We aren’t even sure of resale value with the 3-series GT due to the fact that it is still too new to really say. Reliability is iffy with BMW. Most owners complain of things going array after the warranty expires and the extended warranty is pretty expensive choice too. So picking it is again a mere matter of preference if you plan on keeping your 3-series GT long after the standard warranty expires.

The 3-series GT is for those who want to be different and are willing to pay the premium to have it. All others should look at the 3-series touring.

Likes: Both turbo engines are punchy and smooth. There’s plenty of space for five and the boot is of decent size. It’s very distinct looking.

Dislikes: It’s very distinct looking. Stingy standard kit, expensive options list. Stop/start system makes the whole car shutter when engine reengages.

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