Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pathological falls in love with the Volvo V90 CC

What makes a Volvo a Crosscountry vehicle? Well, standard all-wheel-drive and a raised driving height. Don't forget the body cladding that gives them the rugged look, now on to a serious question? Would you pay near $70,000 just to own one?

The V90 CC comes with a 2-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder pumping out only 315hp. It doesn't seem like much but you'll be surprised at how flexible the engine really feels. We haven't had the chance to test drive one fully laden but from what we've been able to experience the V90 CC doesn't feel out of its depth with this engine combo. However, we do wish that Volvo did chase after making this the best turbo four-cylinder they could possibly make. It just doesn't feel refined for a vehicle with such a hefty price tag.

It's a crossover and that's all you need to know. Dynamically you won't even come close to the X5 or Cayenne, but for what most buyers will use this for it's just enough. Steering feedback is okay it's nothing to brag about, but the ride comfort deserves all the praise. It's silky smooth and so quite inside that well, it's premium feeling like a Volvo should.

The quirky infotainment system is easy to use while on the go. We love the large screen and easy to use menus. The front seats are comfy and provide much support while the rear seats are best left for four passengers. You can fit three abreast but that's going to be pushing it because of the large transmission tunnel that eats up precious foot space.

The V90 CC only comes with one trim and it's a very well kitted trim at that. Blind Spot Monitoring System, Full-LED headlights, keyless start, and semi-autonomus drive system. You'll have to pay extra for some luxury features such as 4-zone climate control, heated rear seats and rear sun curtains on the rear side doors.

The fact that the V90 CC costs as much as it does makes you wonder if its really worth considering because both the V90 and XC90 are cheaper. You'll find yourself looking at Audi, BMW and Mercedes for the smoother six-cylinder engine options also. But, we strongly suggest short listing this vehicle because it really is worth the look.

Likes: Smooth engine with plenty of flexibility. It's comfy to drive and is very stylish. It's hard to not consider this when most of its options are much more pricey.

Dislikes: Most people (not everyone) won't associate luxury with a turbo four-cylinder. V90 and XC90 could deter people away.

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