Sunday, April 22, 2018

Strange foods from around the world (part two)

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Century Egg

Yeah no thanks!
What is it? An egg that’s rotten to the point that the yolk either turns green or black and the white turns dark translucent brown jelly. It smells strongly of Sulphur and ammonia but most who have tried the dish say it tastes like hardboiled egg. Yuck!

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Mm nothing sounds amazing like silkworm that’s been boiled and/or steamed. Apparently it tastes like wood. Why is this even a dish? 

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Witchetty Grub 

What kind of witchery is this? It can either be raw and tastes like almonds or cooked lightly where the appearance looks like roast chicken and the insides has the consistency of scrambled eggs. 

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Escargots à la Bourguignonne
Snails cooked in a sauce of white wine, garlic, butter and parsley served in their shells. It is said to have a similar consistency to mussels or clams, few say that it has a rubbery taste. I don’t think I’ll ever try escargot in my lifetime but it doesn’t look as crazy as the rest of the dishes on this list. 

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