Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Strange foods from around the world (part four)

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What is up with burying food and digging it back out and eating it? This dish is a king salmon head that’s fermented buried for weeks then dug up and eat as a putty-like mush. Sounds fancy huh?

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A dish made of pieces of meat taken from a selection of sea creatures, served in a brown and viscous paste of their own salted and fermented viscera. Yes it is served raw as this is a dish from Japan. I’m going to need a bucket after reading this.

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‘Insect caviar’, this dish consists of edible larvae and pupae of ants. It’s harvested in tequila and mescal plant. This is considered a delicacy and has the consistency of cottage cheese and a buttery nutty taste? Yeah this is one I’ll skip thanks.

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Fried spiders 

Spiders freak me the fuck out! So this dish is what nightmares are made of (to me). It’s prepared by marinating it in MSG, sugar and salt then frying it in garlic. It has more meant on it than a grasshopper, but also has brown sludge in the abdomen which consist mainly innards, eggs and excrement. This just sounds so yummy! 

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Sago Delight 

The Jing Leed is just creepy and this is creepier. When it’s eaten raw it is said to have a creamy taste to it, when it’s cooked it tastes like bacon. Seasoned and flavored the same way Jing Leed is and served side by side. It’s another dish that would leave me running for the barf bucket. 

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