Friday, June 29, 2018

Pathological 'fits' in a small Honda

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The Honda Fit certainly isn't your average hatchback. Despite being as small as it is, the Fit really does have several tricks up its sleeve to convince you that it really can 'fit' your needs in a small car.

The sole 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine may not appease everyone but it certainly can get the job done. It offers decent flexibility around town and while highway driving may leave you mapping out your overtaking. We however didn't find it lacking at all. It is actually just enough even though we would love to see an SI version of the Fit offered. Our tester car wasn't the was the mid-range EX trim which seems to be a decent value for the money.

Driving the Fit around town is actually quite easy. It's dinky dimensions makes it easy to squeeze in and out of tight parking spaces, while the light feeling chassis makes it fun to whip it around corners and bends. Steering feedback is okay, it's nothing to really brag about here. We do love the smooth ride comfort which also manages to stay composed on faster paced roads. It really isn't as refined as the Ford Fiesta but it is up there with it.

The interior is where the Fit really shines over it's competition. The rear seats can fold up to allow oddly shaped packages to fit in. Also the rear seats fold flat, including the front passegner seat so you can fit long items in. It's like having a mini cargo van. There's so many cubbies and places to store items that you could actually lose an item if you forget where you stored it. We love how comfortable the front seats are and how there's actually ample space for four passengers. The reare seat is really only for two people, adding a fifth person is really pushing it. The boot space offers plenty space too.

Our tester car came equipped with a sunroof, 16-inch alloy wheels, Honda LaneWatch, and a seven-inch fully touch screen infotainment system. Bluetooth for your moble device comes standard as wel as keyless entry and keyless ignition system.

You'd have to be daft to not consider the Honda Fit. It's not as fun to drive as the Ford Fiesta and it may not have the cheap price tag like the Nissan Versa Note. The one thing the Fit does that both can't is that it really can be all the car you'll ever really need. It has the interior that's versatile and the fact that you won't have to pay tons in running costs means the Fit really can 'fit' in the lives of those who want a small car.

Likes: Fun to drive with an interior that's very functional. It's an easy car to live with and running costs are very low.

Dislikes: Touch screen infotainment system is fiddly to operate.

Our pick: The LX offers decent value and is the cheapest of the range. We suggest paying the extra premium for alloy wheels, push button ignition system and Honda LaneWatch system.

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