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Homophobia in Hip/Hop (Part one)

This is a response to Bizzle 'Same Love (A Response)' I don't own the rights to this song, lyrics or its content.

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But understand this, that in the last days
There will come times of difficulty
  • How many times have people tried to predict the end of the world? Yes there have been so many of them and they all have been completely and utterly wrong. Secondly, can we please stop with this ‘last days’ crap? I mean Jesus isn’t going to fly down from the sky and there isn’t going to be a rapture. (I wish the rapture did happen so all you arrogant Christians can be taken away to heaven and everyone else can live happily on earth.) Yes there will be times of difficulty but those times are mostly by those who keep throwing their religion down other people’s throats who don’t want to believe your nonsense!

For people will be lovers of self
Lovers of money, proud, arrogant
Abusive, disobedient to their parents
Ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable
Slanderous, without self-control, brutal
Not loving good, treacherous, reckless
Swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God
Having the appearance of godliness
But denying its power
Woe to he who calls evil good and good evil
  • I will basically sum up this verse. People who don’t believe in god or don’t love god are all of these awful things. Slanderous without self-control? The things you’ve said in this verse is pretty slanderous. I mean aren’t you supposed to be a religion of love and tolerance? There is none of that displayed here. It’s all vicious and very insulting not sure I want to worship a god like that.

It's funny how the media portrays things
They really pushing hard for this gay thing
And it's so wicked how they manipulate things
Can't even disagree without them making it a hate thing
I say you wrong, and you holla "hate" instantly
But you say we the ones who don't tolerate differences

·         Okay, there is a difference between being tolerant and being an asshole. You are entitled to your opinion and you can wear that opinion on your sleeve. The moment you try to enforce that opinion onto other people is when it becomes a problem. The sad part about it is that you don’t see this as a problem. You can disagree with someone but that doesn’t give you the right to openly discriminate against them. You are being hateful! The media isn’t pushing a ‘gay agenda’ and you really need to get off your high horse.

There's a whole lot of things I could say really
But, see your hypocrisy is something I could paint vividly
Saying it's the way you was born

·        It’s been proven by science that you are born with your sexual orientation. No one chooses to be ‘gay’ or ‘straight’. Please stop with this notion that you can just at a whim choose who you are attracted to.

And I'm sure, that you lust just like I do, just in a different form
But I'm married, so if I give into mine, I'm a cheater
If you give into yours, you just fight to make it legal
You rather fight God, then fight sin

·         Okay let me get this straight. You are comparing lust to being gay? How in the world did you even come to that conclusion? ‘Lust’ and being attracted to someone are two totally different things. My attraction to other men isn’t lust it’s what I am attracted to physically and sexually. The same can be said about your attraction to women. I don’t understand how or why you have to make it seem like the only way you can feel love or experience love is to believe in god?  If anything your god is the complete opposite of what love is.

The Bible is alright, until it calls what you like sin
And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate
You would compare your sexual habits to my skin

·         I really don’t understand this one at all. You didn’t choose your skin color and you didn’t choose the ethnicity. Those in the LGBT Community didn’t choose their sexual orientation and yet it’s okay to discriminate against them? That makes so much sense right! 

Calling it the new black
Tell me where they do that?
They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?
They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?

·         No one is comparing being gay the ‘new black’, unless you look at the amount of hatred that the LGBT Community endures. There are still countries that punish those of the LGBT with the death penalty. If two men walk down the street holding hands they are immediately ridiculed and every bigoted person wants to shame them and tell them to keep that in the privacy of their home. People have been beaten up and killed, some even driven to suicide. It’s not a pretty picture either way but this endless hatred towards a community that wants to live their lives like everyone else has to stop!

Mom's raped in front of they kids, while they shoot dad
Ever been murdered just for trying to learn how to read bro?
Show of hands?
I ain't think so

·         How about in the bible where people who were gay were stoned to death? How about the countless of people who have been ridiculed and driven to the point of suicide? How about how they treat gay people in Saudi Arabia? They execute them by throwing off a tower. Yes gay people are being murdered for being who they are!

So quit comparing the two, it ain't the same fight
You can play straight, we can never play white
Using black people as pawns for yo' agenda

·         Yes you are right these two fights aren’t exactly the same. But what makes them both common and why it’s possibly being brought up is that both were seeking similar goals, equality! During the Civil Rights Movement many have fought to get service and be treated like human beings. The LGBT Movement is the same thing, to be treated like everyone else. We have to pay taxes like everyone else so we should have the same rights and benefits as everyone else. There’s no agenda, just people wanting to live their lives and not be discriminated against. I don’t understand what you don’t get. 

And these sell out rappers will do whatever you tell 'em
Skirts on stages, campaigning for that black vote
Afraid to be blackballed, so they play that role

·         Clothes don’t have a gender, and it’s utterly pointless to try to validate that. If you want to wear a dress then wear a fucking dress. It’s not hard and it’s really none of your business if someone decides to do so. Blackballing is a rejection in a traditional form of secret ballot, where a white ball or ballot constitutes a vote in support and a black ball signifies opposition. Not sure what this has to do with anything or the fact that these skirt wearing rappers fear rejection from anyone for not wearing a skirt. I want to say this is all made up? Besides gender bending fashion is starting to gain traction and there’s nothing wrong with it.

You were never oppressed, the devil was a liar
The only thing oppressed was yo' sexual desire
Keeping yo' desires oppressed is so lame to you
But when you get married, that's what you expect yo' mate to do

·         Denying marriage equality and basic human rights was the just lie the devil spewed out? We aren’t putting this on the people who actually enforced the discriminatory laws. We’re putting this on the devil? Religion does oppress you sexually by saying that having urges that makes you human are wrong. Having sexual desires between you and your partner is the right thing to do or with anyone who reciprocates those urges back. I mean it’s not hard at all. Secondly yes you would expect the person you are dating or married to would want to have sex with you; otherwise what’s the point of being in a committed relationship or being married if you aren’t satisfied sexually with that person?

It angers you if I compare you to a pedophile
Cause he sick, right?
And you're better how?
(Man, I ain't choose this)
You think he chose that?
(But I was born this)
Well prove he wasn't born that
But you were never a girl
He was once nine, so at one time in his life it was just fine

·         You’re comparing pedophilia to people being gay? I don’t get where you’re going with this at all. Two people (consenting adults at that) in a loving relationship, compared to someone that messes with children. I’m not seeing how the two even correlates with each other.

What makes your laws right?
I'm not buying it
So put 'em in that same trash can you threw that bible in
See how that cycle is?

·         I am so over people using their religion as a weapon to discriminate against other people. Especially if those people did nothing to be discriminated against. You can have your religion and your god but please stop with this nonsense! I don’t agree fine. You don’t agree fine. Can we please just move the fuck on and let people live their lives peacefully.

Nobody wants to repent of they evil
So we all try justifying it
And you say it's about rights, but you lying though

·         It is about having equal rights! It’s also about two people wanting to be in a loving relationship and be left the fuck alone. There’s no reason someone needs to repent or should be called evil if all they are doing is trying to live their life with the person they love and care about.

Domestic partnerships gave you rights a long time ago
God created marriage, when he did, he defined it though
So why is it you want what He created, but deny Him though?

·         First of all god didn’t create marriage we did. We can redefine marriage to include both ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ people. It is unconstitutional to deny basic human rights to anyone on the grounds of religion and it is also against the law to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t deserve it. You cannot use your god as a means to justify your hate and at this point it’s clear that you are set in your own mindset. Sad really.  

It's not wicked enough, switching the definition?
You want it done by a Christian in a church he worships in?

·         There are Gay Christians who want to be married in church also. Why can’t these people get married in a church if that’s what they choose? Government funded institutes cannot deny people a service. Yes, if that pastor feels that he can’t do his job then let someone else perform that job. It is not your place to stick your nose in other people business. It is not wicked and it is not switching definitions, it is simply allowing two people who love each other (who so happen to be of the same-sex) the same rights as everyone else. I feel like a broken record here.

And that rainbow you using as a gay pride symbol
It represents a covenant with God if you didn't know
Check Genesis 9:13 for the info

·         The same rainbow represents something very horrifying? You remember that flood when god killed every living thing on earth? Yeah, god created a rainbow in the aftermath of the horrific flood. Yes because nothing says love better than a rainbow that occurred after a mass genocide killing every living thing on the face of the earth. That’s what people want to remember when they see a rainbow, not two people in a loving relationship but genocide! Got it!

Homie, the war is spiritual, you don't know what you in for
I ain't sayin' yo' sin's worse, but it is sin though

·         Sin isn’t real. It’s just a manmade concept used to control people.

The Lord took the punishment for it all on Him though
We just gotta repent though

·         Your god created this fucked up world and knew it would be fucked up, and instead of fixing it before it became fucked up he let it happen. I don’t care if you worship whatever god you choose but don’t you dare tell me I should worship a god that does the things he’s done. Your god if anything needs to repent for how fucked up humanity is and sending a scapegoat (Jesus) doesn’t count either. It’s completely stupid to be honest.

The problem is if you don't call it sin
Then you walk as if there's nothing to repent for

·         The problem is that it is not sin! Sin does not exist!!! Secondly, you are trying to shame people for being attracted to the same-sex and that is wrong. It’s one thing if it was a child then yes that is wrong and the law protects the child. However, two consenting adults wanting to be in a loving relationship and be treated like everyone else isn’t a sin and shouldn’t even be a question. Basic human rights!

Let's recap:
We all wicked and desire sin
But imagine a world where no one kept there desires in
If something was called right, simply cause we desired it
When yo' right goes against my right, who's right would win

·         SIN DOESN’T EXIST!!! Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Are you referring to gay people just wanting to live their lives normally? Like I’ve said before that really isn’t a sin at all. I can imagine a world where people lived their lives peacefully and differences in opinion wasn’t meat with hatred and disgust. You can wear your opinion but the moment you enforce that onto other people, that’s when it becomes a problem.

As for being born that way
I should never see ya'll
Ever see use a word like retard
To describe someone who was born a little differently than we are
I guess down syndrome really isn't a thing ya'll
What do we call yo' syndrome?

·         Do you know what Down syndrome is? Well let me explain, someone who has Down syndrome was born with an extra chromosome. How the fuck can you compare that to being gay? Being gay is not an illness and shouldn’t be treated as such!

Oh, that term is offensive now when it hits home?
So what gives you the right to call the way he was born a defect?
I call yours a defect, you feel it's disrespect

·         You are being disrespectful! People with Down syndrome didn’t choose to have it. Just like gay people didn’t choose to be gay! What don’t you understand?! This is awful!

You don't believe in God?
Hey, the universe says if we all gay
We either die off or have to do it God's way
And God loves you no matter what you struggle with
At least struggle though, don't just give up and quit
Forget how you were born
We were all born in sin
But Christ died for your sin
You can be born again
We were all born in sin
But Christ died so that we can be born again

·         HOLD THE FUCK UP! You cannot wish the gay away. You cannot pray the gay away. You are born with your sexual orientation and that’s beyond anyone’s control! If god hated gay people so much why the fuck did he created gay people in the first place! GOD CREATED THIS FUCKED UP WORLD THAT IS FULL OF SO CALLED SIN! I’m really trying hard to hold it together here but these lyrics are just awful. You really are trying to push your religious propaganda here. Thanks to Adam and Eve we were born with sin which is the most fucked up logic ever; also Christ didn’t die for our sins because he doesn’t exist.

And I never want to act like
All gay people are the same because that's ignorant

·         Yes it is very ignorant to say that all gay people act the same. It’s like saying all black people act the same and all white people can’t dance. Everyone is not the same and to categorize everyone into that one category and say you are all the same is very ignorant and discriminatory.

But at the same time
What I won't allow you to do
Is paint this beautiful picture

·         Why can’t someone paint the picture of the life that they desire to live? I can understand if this lifestyle is harmful to other people, such as murdering and theft. Society cannot function properly if they have to constantly fear for their lives just walking down the street. Now, however this is just gay people wanting to live their peacefully with the person they love. You cannot force people to marry someone they don’t love and it isn’t fair to want someone to marry someone they don’t love. Would you marry a man? How about if I forced you to? Yes, exactly that’s the same logic you are using. It’s completely dumb!

Like we don't have people from the LGBT community out here
Running up in churches, disrupting services

·         What people of the LGBT Community are out here running into churches and disrupting services? You know there are people in the LGBT Community whom are also Christian right? Secondly, once again a Christian playing the victim card. You don’t play it well because the oppressor cannot be the oppressed.

Kissing on the pulpit
Out here attacking old ladies
Throwing crosses down and stomping em'
Violently assaulting people

·         So not only are people in the LGBT Community breaking into churches and causing havoc, but they are making out on the pulpit as well? Are they having orgies too? I’m pretty some of the sexually oppressed would’ve been very entertained by the notion of this occurring. Throwing crosses to the ground and stomping on them? How dare they insult your religion! I mean come on not the cross! Attacking old ladies and violently assaulting people? Last time I checked people in the LGBT Community were fighting for equality but not attacking people, especially old ladies. Do you have any sources? I mean I can’t take you serious throwing out bullshit like this!

So don't take my most aggressive lines that you know are to that group
And try to apply it to the friendliest
Loving gay person because that's not the case

·         What you are saying is that I should still judge someone based off something that was beyond their control? Because this is their fault how? Please explain to me how! Did you choose to be attracted to women because if you say yes and that’s what god wanted of you then you are a bigger idiot than you already making yourself out to be.

And to that struggling Christian right now
Struggling with homosexuality
Fight the good fight soldier
No matter what anybody says
We all have different desires
We all are drawn toward different sin
And my desire might not be your desire
But I have a desire that's just as strong for another sin
And I have to fight it day in and day out
And sometimes I win and sometimes I lose
Sometimes I stand and sometimes I fall
But fight the good fight
God is worth it
God bless you
No hate about it
I love you

·         No you don’t! You don’t know what love is because if you did you would understand what you are saying is complete and utter horseshit! You should not have to suppress who you are and you shouldn’t have to hide your feelings for another man/woman. It is perfectly natural and normal to have feelings for someone of the same-sex. You can love both! The only fight here is people like you telling other people how to live their lives. Let people be happy and live their lives peacefully with the person they love. Two consenting adults having consenting sex in the privacy of their own home has nothing to do with you! WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? IT’S NOT FUCKING HARD!!!!!!! I really don’t understand what the big fucking deal is about letting gay people be happy and be gay.

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