Monday, November 13, 2017

(Part-two) popular car choices among LGBT-Community

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Porsche 718 Boxster 
Likes: Fantastic car to drive with handling that's near perfection. It's well balanced and very fast. The interior is top notch in quality.

Dislikes: Porsche is stingy with options and they aren't cheap either. You won't find any Porsche on the dealer lot priced near the MSRP price tag.

Overall: Porsche has an appeal that literally no other car on the road has. Your investments are well protected and it is easy to live with. Your only other option is a Mazda Miata and well the be honest that's literally best way to go if you can't justify the high price of admission Porsche asks for.

2011 Audi A7 (4G) 3.0 TFSI quattro hatchback (2016-01-07) 01.jpg

Audi A7 
Likes: The exterior and interior are the definition of classy. Boot space is quite generous and versatile thanks to the hatchback opening. Strong range of engines to choose from.

Dislikes: Audi design language really isn't for everyone. It can get expensive quickly.

Overall: Audi really did a good job with the A7. We just wish that Audi did a little more with the exterior styling.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo -- NHTSA 2.jpg

Jeep Grand Cherokee 
Likes: Rugged styling with fully capable off-road abilities. The SRT version is wicked fast and the diesel engine offers the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility and low running costs.

Dislikes: FCA reliability record and quality issues haunts what is actually a great vehicle. You'll have to pay for features that should be standard across the range.

2013 Mazda6 (GJ) 2.0 Active sedan.jpg

Mazda 6 
Likes: The sole engine is flexible and has low running costs. It's more fun to drive than many of its keen rivals. Interior is beyond what you'd expect and it's roomy/comfortable for the family.

Dislikes: No all-wheel-drive and no upgraded engine option.

Overall: The Mazda 6 is literally the best family sedan money can buy. It's not boring to drive, it's not expensive to run and you can fit five people in with a spacious boot. We just wish that it had a more potent engine for those who may want the extra oomph but don't want to venture else where.

2017 Ford Focus Titanium EcoBoost 1.0 Front.jpg

Ford Focus
Likes: There's literally a Focus for everyone. The ST and the RS versions are absolutely insane. Practical hatchback boot space and the interior is roomy for five people. It's fun to drive across the board and priced within reason.

Dislikes: Reliability of the auto gearbox is iffy. Sedan version isn't as eye appealing as the hatchback. Why no wagon?

Overall: We love the Ford Focus even though it isn't as good as the Golf. It does offer plenty for everyone and is an easy car to live with. We highly recommend keeping a close eye on the auto gearbox as it has been known for numerous issues.

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