Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Top rated cars of 2017 (with our critique of course!)

File:2016 Toyota Prius (ZVW50R) Hybrid liftback (2016-04-02) 01.jpg

Toyota Prius 
Likes: It costs peanuts to run and has ultra-low emissions. Interior is much roomier and it isn’t a chore to drive thanks to improved powertrain.

Dislikes: It looks so odd compared to other hybrids.

Overall: It’s the benchmark hybrid and the go to hybrid for those who want the world to know you’ve gone ‘green’.

Volkswagen Golf 
Likes: Zippy turbo engine and low running costs, the boot space is generous for size and the overall interior is roomy. Simplified trim levels yet each trim level is stuffed with kit.

Dislikes: You can no longer option for Bi-xenon headlamps. We miss the SEL trim despite it being pricey.

Overall: This is quite literally the best hatchback money can buy. Power hungry crowd have the GTI and Golf-R, while those who may want an all-electric car can pick the e-Golf.

Kia Soul
Likes: Easy to drive and live with. Driving position is similar to that of a crossover with decent kit standard. Optional turbo engine is a welcome addition to the range.

Dislikes: It's not as engaging to drive as some rivals, and it may depreciate faster too. Despite having a turbo, steering feedback is still numb and there’s no all-wheel-drive option.

Overall: It’s an interesting proposition in the compact crossover segment. It may not be the best but it certainly does have a lot going for it in terms of value for the money.

Honda Accord 
Likes: Low-running costs with four-cylinder engine. Standard kit is decent. The 3.5 six-cylinder is the sweet spot of the range and is actually cheaper than you’d think.

Dislikes: Infotainment system is frustrating to use. This is the last year of the six-cylinder engine.

Overall: The Accord continues to impress but the Mazda 6 is dynamically superior.

Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T LTZ 2017.jpg

Chevy Cruze
Likes: It has plenty of torque at low revs. It’s much lighter than previous generation and the ride quality has improved dramatically.

Dislikes: It's not the sharpest car to drive and it’s not as refined as the class best Volkswagen Golf.

Overall: You can get a diesel hatchback but the premium makes it a questionable buy.

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