Saturday, June 23, 2018

We say goodbye to the best Chevy ever

The Chevy SS maybe the best that Chevy has ever released. Here’s why:

The SS came with an insane 6.2-liter eight-cylinder engine which pumped out 415hp. Some may argue that it wasn’t enough or the SS was too pricey for what it was. This engine matched with the SS chassis was the perfect blend of sporting nature and comfort. We finally were able to test drive a sports sedan with a six-speed manual gearbox and well it was probably a winning combo here. We loved how the engine revved smoothly and quickly without it feeling like it was going to get out of control. The lovely snarl from the eight-cylinder engine let everyone around us know that we weren’t just in any Chevy. We also may have frightened a few children when a group of guys asked us to rev the engine.

You’ll love the way the SS feels on the road. It doesn’t feel dull as the exterior looks. The steering feedback is precise and communicative, we felt loads of confidence when we decided it to push it hard through some corners and bends; we managed to get the tail out a little bit. The chassis handled every corner and bend like it were on rails and the fact that the ride comfort is so smooth without being overly firm won us over quickly. We love a firm suspension especially when it is associated with fantastic handling, but some cars (i.e. the Mercedes C-class) have rock hard suspension that is on the borderline of punishing; making it very hard to justify the firm ride on a daily drive.

The interior doesn’t feel all that special when it comes to the touch screen infotainment system and many controls and switches. If you covered the badge on the steering wheel, you’d think you were sitting on one the vast GM Products. We love that GM has taken a step forward with the materials used and overall interior quality, but you can pretty much sit in at least three or five GM products and immediately identify the switchgear and controls without even looking at the badge on the steering wheel. The front seats offer plenty of comfort and support, the driving positing is spot on. The rear seat is plenty roomy and the boot is massive.

There’s only one trim and it’s a well-equipped one at that. Magnetic Ride Control, premium leather-appointed seats, HID headlights, forward collision alert with lane departure warning all come fitted as standard. Side blind zone alert, rear vision camera with cross traffic alert and automatic parking assist is also fitted as standard.

The SS exterior looks don’t really go with what is underneath the hood of the car. It’s the most exciting vehicle you can drive with a price tag that’s well within reason and logic. It’s sad to see this vehicle going away because it is really one heck of a car to drive. Dare we say the best Chevy has ever made in a long time? Yes we dare say it! We loved this sedan.

Likes: The 6.2 eight-cylinder matched with a six-speed manual gearbox is a winning combo. It blends handling and ride comfort effortlessly. The best Chevy we’ve seen in a long time.

Dislikes: Production will end this year for this sedan, it looks rather dull on the outside; while the inside is typical GM.

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