Saturday, July 14, 2018

We try to make sense of the BMW X6

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Unless you really want the X6 and don’t mind paying the premium for it, the X5 is cheaper and much more practical. Here’s why:

The standard 3-liter turbocharged six-cylinder producing 300hp already provides enough kick in your pants acceleration. So we question if the 4.4-liter turbocharged eight-cylinder producing 445hp is really worth paying the premium for. What separates the X6 from the X5 is the sweet handling and sharp steering. You’ll have to pay for the option to get the X6 to drive the way it should and at this price point it shouldn’t be an option. At least the engines are smooth in operation and are quite lovely to hear when under hard acceleration. Wind and road noise are very well hushed in the cabin.

BMW has a minimalistic approach to their interior designs, and the X6 is no exception. Everything is very easy to locate and everything is within easy reach of the driver’s hand. The new iDrive system is much more user-friendly. Drivers in the front will find comfort very easily while rear passengers may struggle for headroom and legroom. Plus the boot space is just down right disappointing. This is all due to the slopping roofline.

The X6 does come well equipped for the money. Keyless entry is standard, as well as iDrive infotainment system and Xenon Headlamps. Climate control and leather seats are also standard. One annoying thing about BMW is that you’ll have to pay for extra that should be standard. Such as heated front seats, keyless start and rearview parking camera, which you will need because rearward visibility is appalling!

 Buying an X6 isn’t a cheap proposition. But your investments should be well secured as BMW resale value is strong thanks to the badge. Running costs will be high unless you stick with the standard turbocharged six-cylinder which should be somewhat decent. Quality of the interior feels high class and well put together. Reliability should be good as with all BMW vehicles.

The X6 is aimed for those who seek something different. It’s quirky and odd way to be different too. It’s expensive too and you don’t get some premium features that should be standard. Plus you’ll have to pay the money to make it drive and handle the way that it should. Unless you really just have to have an X6 the X5 is cheaper and much more practical than the X6.

Likes: Handles and drives with the right options. It’s different and quirky yet holds its value well. Turbo engines both are powerful. iDrive system has been vastly improved.

Dislikes: Why does being different cost so much? You’ll pay an arm and leg to make the X6 drive the way it should, and some options at this price point shouldn’t be optional. You're better off with an X5.

Devon’s Choice: The standard 3-liter turbocharged six-cylinder is all the engine you will ever need. It’s still expensive but running costs won’t be too bad.

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