Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Worse cars of 2017 (Part two)

Worse cars of 2017 (Part two)

Dodge Journey
Likes: It offers seven seats at a very low price. The 3.6 six-cylinder engine offers a strong turn of pace and is the best engine to go for.

Dislikes: The 2.4 only comes with an ancient four-speed auto and no all-wheel-drive option. Resale value is just as low as reliability ratings. Desperately needs a redesign.

Overall: It may be cheap to buy but your investments aren’t well protected.

Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury TD4 2016.jpg

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Likes: It’s the only vehicle in its class with a third-row seat offered. You can drive it off-road with pure confidence.

Dislikes: The engine isn’t really up for the job. Road dynamics aren’t great and reliability is still iffy.

Overall: It’s the sleekest looking money pit.

2014 Washington Auto Show (12141232626).jpg

Cadillac Escalade
Likes: Bold in your face styling with a much better feeling cabin. The road presence it has is like no other crossover on the road.

Dislikes: It’s one of the most stolen vehicles. You’ll have to have deep pockets to buy one and pay for the running costs. It’s very cumbersome to drive.

Overall: You’d buy it because you want a Cadillac. Everyone else should consider Audi, Mercedes and even Volvo for their seven seat crossover needs.

Jeep Patriot.jpg

Jeep Patriot
Likes: The exterior is uniquely Jeep. The interior is roomy for five with a decent boot. The starting price is cheap with huge discounts available.

Dislikes: Bitterly disappointing in everything else.

Overall: The recently redesigned Compass is a far better choice.

Nissan Versa Note 
Likes: The boot space is generous and the overall cabin is roomy for five. Running costs are decent and it’s easy to maneuver around town.

Dislikes: The engine and steering suffer on faster paced roads. The interior isn’t that great compared to some keen rivals.

Overall: We loved the Versa Note when it was first launched, but it’s worth waiting for the redesigned version to come.

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