Sunday, July 29, 2018

We drive a Suburban known Chevy

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Picking the Chevy Suburban means that you need space and lots of it. It offers seating up to nine and can tow up to 8,300lbs. The Suburban will put minivans and most crossovers to shame. But with high running costs and bulky image will it be enough to justify buying one?

The sole engine on hand is a 5.3-liter Eco-Tec eight-cylinder which produces 355hp. Rear-wheel-drive is standard while four-wheel-drive is optional. We strongly suggest getting the four-wheel-drive which really does help out in snowy areas and adds a bit of traction in towing. But for those who won't need all-wheel-drive the rear-wheel-drive is just as capable. Acceleration is smooth and brisk but remember this is a large nine-seat sport utility vehilce so it's not going to be race car fast.
The sheer size of the Suburban makes it a chore to live with. Rear view vision camera really does come in handy when reversing out of parking spaces in the mall and in the city. But it's still tricky to navigate on anything but large Blvds and highways. Steering is okay but it feels rather heavy at times and the Suburban is about as aerodynamic as a tower block so wind noise will be an issue. Road noise is very well hidden though.

The Suburban can seat up to nine but we reckon that most will find that even the seven seat configuration is more than enough. With the third row in place the boot space is decent but it grows enormously with the third row seat folding down. Fold down the second row seat too and you've got a massively large boot. The LS trim is the way to go it's the cheapest of the range and offers enough for most buyers needs. Automatic climate control, rear view parking camera, remote start and rear park assist all come standard. You'll have to step up to the LT trim which adds leather seats, power tailgate and forward collision warning. Top of the range LTZ offers HID headlights with LED daytime running lamps, keyless start and 20 inch alloy wheels.

The Chevy Suburban isn't cheap to buy nor is it cheap to run. The large thirsty eight-cylinder engine will be a welcome visitor at the pump. Resale value should be good thanks the Suburban nameplate and the fact that people will always still buy these even if gas prices shoot past $6 per gallon.

The Chevy Suburban is a great workhorse of a vehicle. It can seat up to nine offers plenty of comfort for people and can tow up to 8,300lbs. It's a great vehicle if you stick with the standard form which is the cheapest. Paying more than the LT trim means you'll be entering territory with choices like the Mercedes GL which is an all round better option. The Chevy Suburban is a great family car for those who want big but there are premium rivals that do the same tricks better and save a few miles on the gallon too.

Likes: The sheer size of it intimidates other drivers. Lovely eight-cylinder rumble under heavy acceleration.

Dislikes: Sheer size makes it a chore to live with. Running costs are high. There's no diesel engine option. Top of the range trim is expensive and isn't as great as some rivals.

Devon's pick: LS trim is all the Suburban you'll ever really need. You'll have to pay extra for four-wheel-drive but rear view parking camera and rear parking assist are standard as well as automatic climate control and a remote start system. Most will be satisfied with those features.

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