Saturday, June 30, 2018

We have another go in the BMW M4

2015 BMW M4 (F82) coupe (24220553394).jpg
Looking for that open air driving experience but prefer the badge to be BMW? Fret not because the M4 convertible is finally here.

BMW has ditched the screaming 4-liter eight-cylinder engine in the M3 for a 3-liter turbocharged six-cylinder which produces 425hp. Put your foot down and the M4 really does live up the M badge. It’s furiously fast yet easy to live with as a daily commuter car. The automatic transmission may have faster shift ratios but we’d still choose the manual any day.

On the road the M4 feels well composed and is eager to tackle any corner bend you toss at it. The front seats really do help keep you in place and the overall feel of the steering is pretty good, it does however lack the feedback we loved from the previous M3, but this really isn’t much of a deal breaker. Our M4 came equipped with the adaptive M suspension which is a very expensive option helps make the M4 drive the way it should but at this price point why is it optional and not standard?

The minimalistic approach to the cabin makes everything easy to navigate through without any complicated controls or dials. The iDrive interface is much easier to use. The front seats are superbly comfortable and have a neck warmer so you can drive with the top down on brisk spring and fall weather. There is plenty of room for two in the rear seat but as long as the passengers aren’t over six feet tall. The boot space shrinks with the top down and increases with the top up. This is due to the folding metal roof which does eat into precious cargo space.

Wanting to walk away with a decently kitted M4 is going to be a bit of a struggle. Even our tester car came ticked with nearly every option that was offered on its list. Pushing the price sky high, but these M vehicles aren’t just any ordinary vehicle. They are special vehicles and really do put a special kind of feeling inside when you drive them. Plus resale value will hold very well as with all BMW vehicles. The badge is what attracts people to them.

The M4 convertible is more of a cruiser type car. It’s wicked fast and can tackle corners perfectly, but you’ll have to pay for that option. Plus with the options added on this car can get crazily expensive very fast. But for those who crave the BMW badge and won’t settle for anything else this is the perfect car.

Likes: Wicked fast acceleration yet very easy to live with as a daily commuter car. Seats up to four and offers decent boot space with top up.

Dislikes: Add the options and watch the price jump sky high. We miss the hydraulic steering. Turbo six-cylinder doesn’t have the soundtrack of the previous eight-cylinder when revved hard.

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