Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Interesting Facts Part 1

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What is it? A fruit native to Southeast Asia
Why is it illegal? Due to fear of Asian fruit flies that can devastate local crops, southeast Asian countries are unable to export the fresh fruit
Where's it illegal? North America, Europe.

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What is it? Sheep innards including intestines, heart and the lungs.
Why is it illegal? There is a ban in the U.S. on all food made with lungs.
Where can you try this dish? U.K.


Cuban Cigars
What is it? Cigars that can only be found in Cuba
Why is it illegal? America's long-standing embargo with Cuba. There's a total ban on these cigars through out the U.S.
What are the consequences if caught? $55,000 fine and jail time.

What is it? An alcoholic beverage that contains an ingredient called wormwood, which contains chemical thujone.
Why is it illegal? The chemical thujone reportedly can cause hallucinations.
Update: Abstine without the ingredient wormwood are allowed for purchase in the U.S.

Dog and Cat Fur Products
What is it? Any product made out of cat and dog fur.
Why is it illegal? The reason behind it is simply a disdain for the abuse of millions of dogs and cats who are mistreated in the fur trade.
Interesting fact: There's an ongoing debate over banning particular breeds of dogs in the U.S., like pit bull terriers.

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