Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Go to Church (for what?)

Principal symbol of Christianity

God says so.
[Well that’s a weak argument, because ‘God’ says so. ‘God says a lot of things but does that mean that we should do them? No! It’s not okay to stone people to death and it’s not okay to condemn people to hell for not believing in your ‘God’ or your religion. So the answer is no, unless you are part of that religion and want to participate.]

God tells us in his Word to “not give up meeting together” (Heb. 10:25). Paul even goes so far as to call the church the “bride of Christ.” If you love Jesus, you will love the things that he loves—and he loves the church like a husband loves his bride. The church is important to God, so it should be important to us.

[I find it very funny that Christians must gather every Sunday to hear the ‘word of God’.  At some point, you should know the ‘word of God’ like the back of your hand and also why is that the only place you can worship ‘God’? Why can’t you worship him from where you are at? Secondly, what does it mean to be the ‘bride of Christ?’ An animate object is ‘God’s’ Wife? I’m so confused here. I thought marriage (for most Christians) was between a man and a woman, not man and building?! You can’t have sex with a building and a building can’t reproduce. Please explain this one.]

God didn’t call us to gather and worship to burden us, but to bless us. Church attendance can become one of the greatest blessings in you and your family’s life.

[The church is the ‘bride of Christ’ you must venture there and worship ‘God’ so he can ‘bless you’ in return and this is somehow great for the whole family how? You drink the blood and eat the flesh of ‘Christ’ and you listen to the ‘word of God’ and get blessed because of that?]

Worshipping Jesus together is powerful.

[Which one is it? Do you worship Jesus or worship ‘God’? Jesus says you should worship ‘God’ and you’re saying worship Jesus. Also, the biggest argument is that Jesus is ‘God’ and also Jesus is ‘God’s’ Son. Who the fuck is Jesus and why must we worship him?]

Jesus lives inside of us by his Spirit when we believe in him. This is a profoundly incredible truth! But there is also something biblically powerful about gathering together with other believers to worship. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Matt. 18:20). So he not only lives in us by his Spirit, but he is in the “midst” of us when we gather to worship him.

[If this is incredible truth, where is the incredible proof? Jesus is amongst you in the ‘spirit’? How do you know? What if it’s Satan that’s amongst you? You wouldn’t know because he’s fucking invisible and we all know you can’t talk to something that’s invisible or not there. A group of people gathering to worship Jesus is a group of people gathering to worship Jesus.]

We need Christian community.

[You already have a community of people that goes to church and listens to endless lies.]
All of us long for community and connection with others. God has given us this gift in gathering together for church, and in smaller groups in each other’s homes. It fulfills something inside of us to do life with, encourage and be authentically involved in each other’s lives.

[The only thing consistent here is the amount of shit you pull out of your ass. It’s like you just make shit up on the whim and convince yourself that it’s the truth.  

Christian TV, podcasts, books and conferences are wonderful additions to our spiritual lives, but nothing can take the place of consistent Christian community through the local church.

[All which are great ways of keeping yourself in diluted state of mind.]

We grow more together than alone.

[You’re born into this world alone and you die alone, just saying.]

It can be messy when we step into each other’s lives. We are all human, and no one is perfect. So it requires effort and intentionality and grace from God to do life together, even as believers.

[If it’s messy to step into other people’s lives then why do you continuously try to do so? ‘God’ created us imperfect and full of sin, so why would I want to worship someone who allowed us to be flawed like we are now?]

Gathering regularly with other believers becomes a refining process whereby we help each other, pray for each other and encourage each other to want to follow Christ more wholeheartedly. It is a truly-beautiful thing.

[So basically, I have to blindly worship ‘God’ and it’s a beautiful thing if other people follow suit? It doesn’t really seem beautiful or logical at all. Secondly, you don’t even know what you’re worshipping. ‘God’ could be an alien, a rat or a weather balloon. We don’t know because ‘God’ won’t reveal himself.]

Don’t let any excuses stand in the way of what you know God is calling you to do. God will strengthen you and empower you to do what he has called you to do. If you have encountered past wounds from leaders or from church members, I’m praying for you—that God would bring healing and grace to you as you seek to follow him and love his church.

[Unless you’re a whore, disrespectful to your parents, have a broken penis, gay, do witchcraft; eat foods considered ‘unclean’ and worship the wrong ‘God’. Which brings up a good question, what if you’re worshipping Satan and he wrote these bibles you are reading? Wrong information means a one way ticket to hell, just saying.]

Short-reviews - we sat in them at the Chicago Auto Show (part one)

2018 GMC Terrain 12.20.17.jpg

GMC Terrain

Likes: Styling inside out has been drastically improved. You can now option for a 1.6 diesel engine.

Dislikes: We loathe the push button gear selector and how its awkwardly placed in the dashboard.

Overall: It looks better than an Equinox but it still feels like one.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta au SIAM 2018.jpg

Volkswagen Jetta

Likes: We love the new digital display. The rear seat is even roomier than the current form. The interior build quality has been dramatically improved.

Dislikes: Typical Volkswagen play it safe styling.

Overall: Looks like another winner from Volkswagen.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake (sedan shown above)

Likes: It's the Jaguar Wagon we've been hoping to see again. The boot space and rear seat space is much better than the sedan.

Dislikes: Americans (most not all) hates wagons. We can't afford it and we're sad about that.

Overall: There will be a cheaper version coming soon with a 2-liter turbo engine.

2018 Ford Ecosport facelift.jpg

Ford Eco Sport

Likes: Mini-Escape looks (which isn't a bad thing), the interior is spacious for five.

Dislikes: The boot door swings out instead of upward like most crossovers. We're not entirely sure about the 1-liter eco-boost three-cylinder engine overall flexibility.

Overall: It's another crossover (yawn) and it's starting to get a little boring at this point.

Smart Fortwo Coupé Prime (C 453) – Frontansicht, 16. Juni 2015, Düsseldorf.jpg

Smart Fortwo ED

Likes: An affordable electric car with decent range. The Smart Fortwo should've been electric only from the beginning.

Dislikes: Limited appeal.

Overall: It maybe the smartest Smart you can buy.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pathological Hate supports marriage freedom

“We need to protect marriage.”
Protect marriage how? People have married landmarks, video game characters and even themselves. Shot gun weddings exist and even getting married out of wedlock. Marriage should be a union of two people that love each other whether they are two men or two women. Marriage doesn’t need protection; marriage needs to be redefined because it’s no longer just one man one woman and we shouldn’t be throwing religion in people faces to dictate what a marriage is.

“We must preserve traditional marriage.”
Man + woman
Wives submit sexually to their husbands
Interfaith marriage is forbidden
Marriage generally arranged, not based on romantic love
Brides who could not prove her virginity was stoned to death

Man + woman + woman’s property
Man could acquire his wife’s property including her slaves

Man + woman + woman + woman
Man could have multiple wives also known as polygamy

Man + brother’s widow
Widows who had not borne a son required to marry her brother in law, must submit sexually to her new husband.

Rapist + his victim
Virgin who is raped must marry her rapist. Rapist must pay victim’s father 50 shekels of silver for property loss.

Male soldier + prisoner of war
Under Moses’ command, Israelites kill every Midlantie man, woman and child; save for the virgin girls who are taken as spoils of war. Wives must submit sexually to their new owners.

Male slave + female slave
Slave owners could assign female slaves to his male slaves. Female slaves must submit sexually to their new husbands.

These are all examples of traditional marriage and if these are the kind of weddings you want to preserve then you really do want to live in the dark ages because all of these marriage ideas are awful.

“Marriage is a sacred institution.”
Marriage is not a sacred institution! And marriage was not created by god! Marriage was seen as a social contract between two people to keep an inheritance in a family; to keep a last name going or keep a wealth within a family. It had nothing to do with god and even if it did, Christianity only existed for at least 6,000 years which means that marriage existed long before Christianity.  Further proof that your argument is flawed!

“Marriage has always been a bond between one man and one woman.”
Marriage may have been strictly between a man and a woman for those that feel the need to push their biblical standards. But as a society entering new times, we are seeing that love can exist between two men and two women. We should not be dictating who you can and can’t love if that love isn’t harming anyone.

 “Gay marriage will confuse gender roles.”
Gender roles basically say that women should be submissive to their husbands and men should be emotionless robots. I’m glad we are entering a time in which it is becoming socially acceptable for men to express their emotions and women can take on the supporting role. This is the way a marriage should be; two people supporting each other and kids should see this because that is how a marriage should work. Not the dark ages where women weren’t even considered people.

“Gay marriage will confuse the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, or ‘mother and ‘father’.”
Again this is the same argument as the last one. Gender roles is the same as mother and father; husband and wife. Just because two people are of the same sex doesn’t mean that it will confuse these awful gender roles. Instead it should show that we are living in a different times and the word ‘family’ is no longer just a mother and a father.

“Gay people cannot have children and so should not be allowed to marry.”
What if the couple is sterile and can’t have children? What if the couple doesn’t want children? Does this mean that they can’t get married? Sorry I forgot marriage isn’t about love and wanting to share your life with a special person, it’s all about women being baby factories and the man being an emotionless robot. Yes that’s the best marriage ever! 

“No one has the right to redefine marriage.”
Yes we can redefine marriage and do you want to know why? We created marriage! God didn’t! Marriage was a social contract between two people to keep a last name going, to keep a blood line going and to keep a family inheritance in check. It had nothing to do with god and I’m pretty sure there were marriages long before Christianity existed. Oh wait, the world is 6,000 years old and people just pop into existence from bones and dirt.

“The minority should not have the right to dictate to the majority.”
No one should be dictating to anyone about anything! All gay people want is to live their life and be treated like everyone else. I don’t know why this is so hard for you to understand! No one is forcing you to participate in gay sex. No one is forcing you to perform a gay marriage. Marriage is a human right and of course everyone deserves that right. If you aren’t harming anyone why should you care? Are you secretly gay?

“Public opinion polls show most people are against gay marriage.”
Most people that are against gay marriage actually don’t have a real valid reason as to why they are against it. Also what is crazy is that most people who are against it actually think that they themselves will have to become gay and marry someone of the same sex. In fact that’s quite the opposite. All gay people want is to get married and share their life with the person they love. This shouldn’t be an issue because you surely don’t want your rights taken away from you, and you surely don’t want anyone to dictate your life. What gives you the right to do that to someone else? If they aren’t going around harming others then let them be!

“Why is it so important for gay people to have marriage?”
The same reason that heterosexual couples want to get married, to share your life with someone you love and care about. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the only reason to get married according to the bible is to create children. There’s no love in marriage it’s all about having children and being miserable with someone you don’t even care about.

 “There are two sides to the argument. Why can’t we compromise?”
Did women compromise when they were fighting for the right to vote? Did interracial couples compromise when they wanted the right to get married? No, there is no room for compromise when your rights are steadily being stripped away from you. No one should compromise and settle for anything less.

“Gay marriage is immoral.”
I guess rape, murder and slavery are perfectly moral then? Your bible says that all of the three are okay and even though thou shall not murder is in the Ten Commandments; it’s not even in the top five which is disturbing. Also god told people to kill other people and even had the Israelites eat their own babies?? Yeah gay marriage is so much more immoral than these acts I mentioned above.

“I love my best friend, my brother and my dog. That does not mean we should have the right to marry.”
There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. The love you have between you and your mother in law is not the same as the love you’d have for your spouse or significant other. You love your dog yes that’s fine but are you in love with your dog? No you aren’t. So this argument makes absolutely no sense! But then again this is coming from someone who thinks that two people should marry to have children and not because they love each other.

 “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”
Adam and Eve creation doesn’t make any sense to begin with. What proof do you have that men are formed form dirt and women are formed from bones? People just pop into existence from dirt and bones. Also, it’s quite mean to say what someone has between them and their partner isn’t real because it’s not biblical love.

“Gay rights are fashionable right now.”
Fashionable, if being gay were fashionable how come there are people protesting at anti-gay marriage rallies? Everyone seems to have an opinion about gay marriage and most of them are hate speech. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that they should have fewer rights and wanting to be treated like second-class citizens. There is nothing fashionable about having your rights taken away from you and people openly discriminating against your lifestyle because they refuse to understand it.

“Gay people do not even want marriage.”
If this were true how come there are so many gay people fighting for the right to get married? How come when gay marriage is allowed in a state the number of gays getting married in a single day are in the hundreds maybe thousands? Maybe not all gay people want to get married right away and maybe some don’t want to get married at all. But to deny the freedom of marriage to someone because it violates your bible is not a valid reason. After all this country was founded on religious freedom and we shouldn’t be throwing biblical agendas down people’s throats.

“Gay people can already get married – to people of the opposite gender.”
Do you even now what being gay means? It really means being happy but a man who is attracted to other men and a woman that is attracted to other women is considered being gay. Now that we have that out of the way, why would any gay person marry someone of the opposite sex as opposed to the person they really love? Are you stupid?  How about I force you to marry a man because it offends me that you want to marry a woman, do you see how stupid that is?!!

 “There will be drastic consequences for society if we accept gay marriage.”
Canada allowed gay marriage and nothing has happened. Here in the U.S. there are currently 37 states that allow gay marriage and none of these states have been wiped off the face of the planet. Do you think that being gay is a plague? Only thing that will change and should change is people’s attitude towards gay people. Homophobes carry this mentality that if you hang around a gay person you will become gay. If this were true; I fed some ducks in a park and I guess that means that I’m a duck now.

 “Gay marriage will cause the disestablishment of the church.”
“State churches that use government power to support themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths undermine all our civil rights. Erecting the wall of separation between church and state, therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society.” Thomas Jefferson

Gay marriage will not in any shape or form disestablish your church. However, what should be disestablished is the hatred and bigotry that is associated with most churches. Instead of radically loving others, you hate those who don’t agree with you and banish them to hell. Rapists, pedophiles and murders are welcome into your church and those individuals should be banished to hell for harming other people. Do you see where I’m going with this? A gay person not harming anyone is sent to hell, while those that harm others are redeemed.

 “Gay marriage will lead to polygamy/bestiality/pedophilia/etc.”                                                 
This is so scaremongering and ridiculous. Your bible however does promote two of three. If you refer to my traditional marriage argument many men had multiple wives and even to this day some states allow you to have multiple wives. Pedophilia also exists in the bible too when soldiers destroyed a city and killed every living thing in sight except for the young virgins who are used as war scrap and have to submit to their new husbands sexually.

 “Gay marriage caused the end of the Roman Empire/September 11th/etc.”
There are many reasons why the Roman Empire fell. One of them is the spread of Christianity at the time. People were stoned to death because that’s what religion does it controls people. September 11th was a false flag attack used as a scaremongering tactic to invade Iraq. The gay mafia had nothing to do with either.

 “You are too emotionally involved to make a rational argument.”
Yes I’m upset because we shouldn’t be having this conversation. You’re basically using your religion as a weapon to discriminate openly against people that aren’t harming others. This is why separation of church and state exists; we should not be allowing religion to influence laws. Otherwise we will be living in the dark ages all over again where stoning people is okay; rape and slavery are perfectly acceptable.

“We are in an economic crisis, so we should not be wasting time on gay marriage.”
Equality shouldn’t be considered a luxury add on. How would you feel if your rights were slowly being taken away from you and you were being treated like a second class citizen? Yes you too would fight for your rights until you get what you deserve and so should gay people.

It violates natural law.

Saint Paul taught in the Epistle to the Romans that the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man. (Rom. 2:14-15)

Mainstream psychology has proven that being gay is not a choice. People are born with their sexual orientation and learn what they are and aren’t attracted to as they grow up. Saying this violates natural law is just plain idiotic. If you are getting your information from a book that tells you God created Adam from dirt and Eve from a rib and placed then in a garden with a talking snake. These events surely do sound more convincing. Being gay is as natural as being heterosexual and should be treated as such.

It imposes its acceptance on all society.

Those of the LGBT community should be treated and accepted by society because they are people and all they want is to have the same rights like everyone else. You don’t see gay people going from house to house trying to recruit people like you see in some of these religions. Who has the real agenda here? Also teaching your child about homosexuality should be adapted in schools. Oh wait I forgot teaching your children to hate is so much better than teaching them love and tolerance of people that aren’t going around hurting others. That’s just fine! Keep hating gay people because you don’t understand their lifestyle and refuse to want to understand it.

It offends god.
This statement makes you look stupid and do you want to know why? You claim that it offends god that someone is gay, but it doesn’t offend god that babies die every day of starvation or illness that have cures. There should be a lot of things that offends god and yet god does nothing to help those people. God doesn’t even reveal himself or show himself to people individually to prove his existence. If being gay is so offensive to god then why did he create gay people in the first place because being gay is not a choice. But then again this is coming from the same god that created Adam and Eve with a forbidden tree and he knew they were going to eat from that tree and cursed all of humanity because of their fuck up.

If homosexuality is right, then how come two people of the same sex not produce a child?
Just because two people can’t physically produce a child doesn’t mean that they’re lifestyle is wrong. Some heterosexual couples can’t produce a child and have to go by the means of adoption. Does this mean that they are wrong also?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Pathological questions the Caddy XT5

Image result for cadillac xt5 no copyright photo

The SRX was such a popular crossover, so why did Cadillac replace it with the XT5? It essentially has the same shape and almost identical rear-end styling. Redesigned my ass! No but really though it is a good option if Lexus RX and Lincoln MKX don’t really tickle your fancy.

The sole engine is a 3.6 six-cylinder pumping out 310hp and yes it is quick but not race car fast. The Lincoln MKX has a twin-turbo six-cylinder that pumps out 355hp and it’s so much quicker if you care about horsepower figures. I however don’t in this case because the XT5 3.6 does its job well and that’s what matters the most. The standard eight-speed automatic is smooth and the engine stop/start system is not smooth, we wish it had an off-switch because it’s just too intrusive for my taste. No seriously, it sends shutters in the cabin when the engine turns on and off. It’s not a settling feeling no matter how long you’ve had the car. New technology is scary man! At least its emissions are lower than other crossovers at a standstill. That’s always a plus. No more engine idle for you man! Give it a brake.

The XT5 doesn’t drive like a sports machine and it doesn’t handle like it. It sure in hell doesn’t look like one. I mean geez Cadillac you call this a sporty crossover? Well, they actually don’t and well the XT5 isn’t supposed to be that at all. It is however, comfortable to drive and the steering offers decent feedback, it’s nothing to brag about in the coffee line. It sure does look pretty classy though so many some points can be had for that. The side mirrors are large and bulky, so power-folding mirrors would be nice if standard across the range. I hate the large blind spots around the rear near the boot. Blind spot monitoring system should be standard on all XT5 trims too because you can cut off people (which by the way we have on several occasions. We do want to extend a sorry to the Nissan Altima and Lexus RX, who knew he had it coming but insisted on being a jerk anyway.) I do applaud Caddy for making the effort to improve where it matters most.

The dashboard is classy and many soft-touch materials have been used to dress it up. When I say dress it up, I mean it’s dressed in leather (soft touching plastics) and the infotainment system doesn’t have a volume knob, so annoying! It is easy to use but it’s still annoying. Whatever happened to simple knobs! The gear selector is clunky and it doesn’t do what you want it to do right away, it’s also kind of confusing at first glance. It’s like BMW designed this thing! (BMW’s isn’t great either!) The rearview parking camera runs on rapid delay, once I shift from reverse to drive the rearview camera is still on for a few seconds then my Apple Carplay turns back on. The resolution on that camera isn’t great for the money you’d have to pay for this thing and you don’t even get surround view camera either (well not on the version we had anyway) but hey not all want advanced technology and you do have to pay for it.

Standard XT5 comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry with push button start, dual-zone climate control and wireless charging for portable devices. Luxury trim adds panorama sunroof, driver’s side auto-dimming mirror, rain sensing windshield wipers and heated steering wheel. 3.6 Premium Luxury adds Bose sound system, LED headlights, 20-inch alloy wheels and lane keep assist. Top of the range 3.6 Platinum trim adds tri-zone climate control, heated rear seats, surround vision camera and head up display.

The XT5 isn’t the sporty car that it looks like it would be. Instead it’s a comfortable car that’s easy to drive and comfortable to live with. Most buyers aren’t looking for an X3 or Audi Q5 and those buyers who do choose this will be very rewarded with what the Caddy has to offer.

Likes: Comfortable to drive daily and spacious for five. The boot is even decent in size too. Standard equipment is pretty good too.

Dislikes: Engine stop/start system takes some getting used to. Electronic gear selector is just downright annoying!

Our pick: The XT5 Luxury seems like a good choose. You get extra luxury bits without having to pay too much more than the standard XT5. We’d say avoid the all-wheel-drive unless you have to have it. Front-wheel-drive configuration is actually decent.

We respond to articles on the internet

In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.

I decided to respond to an article I found on the internet that list reasons why he won’t buy a luxury car. I understand that some people just don’t want to have a flashy car, but these few people don’t understand that regardless of what car you own, people will have some type of pre-judgement about you regardless, and with that being said let’s jump right in. Six reasons why I don’t want to own a luxury car. 

People will assume things about me that I don’t want them to assume.
[It won’t matter what car you own, people will have some form of assumption about you. Whether you buy a $90k BMW or a $20k Kia, people will assume things about you that aren’t even true. You bought a new car you must have money, etc. If you want that BMW buy it, or if you want that really nice Volkswagen buy it. We only live once and to allow assumptions of other people to dictate what car you drive is pretty stupid. People will assume things about you whether you drive new or not. It’s up to you if you choose to listen to those people or not.]

I become a more obvious target for theft.
[The most stolen new car is a Nissan Altima and the most stolen used car is a 1996 Honda Accord. Both of these vehicles are far from being luxurious. I also looked up the most stolen luxury car and that’s a Mercedes S-class, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Older cars tend to be a higher target for theft because they are easier to steal due to lack of theft protection. Also, there are some older vehicles with parts that are much easier to sell and make a profit off of, as with most luxury cars the parts are marked which makes them harder to sell because some parts can’t be reused on any other car once removed. I don’t understand your ‘target’ reason for not wanting a luxury car. You can have a Honda and be a target; you could have a Kia and be a target. Thieves go after the easiest cars they can get their hands on.]

Depreciation is even more painful.
[It depends upon the brand you buy from. Audi and BMWs tend to hold their value way better than let’s say Mercedes or Maserati. Most cars depreciate the most within the first three years of ownership. So, unless you’re leasing your cars and give them back so you won’t have to worry about the hit in depreciation, this reason is also a weak one.]

I have to travel much further to get repairs done.
[No matter what car you purchase, some repairs will have to be done at the dealership and yes you will have to travel to the dealership. I’d rather make the drive to the dealership and get my vehicle properly fixed under warranty than to go to my mechanic who may or may not know how to work on newer vehicles with all these high tech features. You can buy a new Kia and still have to take it to the dealer for certain repairs.]

The normal behavior of children is more costly.
[Leather seats are actually a lot easier to clean than you’d think. Cloth seats tend to absorb moisture which makes them harder to clean if your kids spill juice on them. Regardless if I have a Honda Pilot or Mercedes GL, I will be very upset if my kids spilled juice in the car. This is why if you have kids in the car, buy spill proof products for them or have them wait until they are at home or at the destination you are intended to go to.]

BMW 2015 M7 7-Series 477881 (cropped).jpg
I would be scared to breathe in it.
[So what you’re saying is, you’d feel better in a $20k Kia? Here’s my thing about this statement here, you can have a new car and have that new car anxiety. You can have a used car still have that same exact anxiety. When you switch from one car to another, you have to readapt yourself to that particular vehicle all over again. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Audi, Mercedes or BMW. When you buy a new car you have to readapt to that vehicle because it’s a totally different vehicle. I fear people hitting my car and I drive a $20k Mitsubishi. It doesn’t matter the price of the vehicle, the fear of others being jealous of what you have is an actual fear for anyone.]

Thursday, February 8, 2018

We test the BMW X5

Image result for bmw x5 2017 no copyright photo
It's no exaggeration to say that the BMW X5 was a bit of a revolution when it was first launched. Many have questioned and even tried to duplicate it. The BMW X5 the logic defying 4x4 that is hard to ignore even with its heavy price tag.

Top of the range xDrive50i comes with a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder pumping out a hearty 445hp. It's insanely fast and is the perfect alternate for those who want an X5M but can't justify the higher price tag. Our pick however goes to the xDrive35d which comes with a silky smooth 3-liter turbo-diesel pumping out 255hp. The price tag isn't too much more than the xDrive35i trim and is perfect for those who do tons of highway driving.

On the road the X5 is actually very entertaining to drive. You'll forget that you're in a heavy 4x4 vehicle. Those who want an edgier driving experience may want to consider a lighter more agile M car or the M performance version of the X5. The ride comfort can get a little firm on some surfaces but it's far from uncomfortable or a deal breaker; too bad you'll have to pay the premium for the adaptive M suspension system to get the X5 to drive and handle the way it should. Wind and road noise are well suppressed and all engines sound smooth and refined at all speeds. The engine stop start system isn't all that refined and is rather disappointing because you'd expect a X5 with such a hefty price tag to have a smoother system.

Driver's will find their ideal driving position quite easily behind the wheel of the X5. You'll be very happy that all the controls and dials are within easy reach of the driver's hand. The new iDrive system is much easier to navigate through, however we aren't huge fans of the large infotainment screen that pops out the dash. It doesn't raise and lower into the dash like Audi's but it still is classy in its own right. Passengers in the second row won't even complain about space because it is in the bucket loads. Headroom is good and legroom is good, however if you option for the third row seat you'll only want to have kids back there. They won't have much fun either because it really is tight for space and the boot space will suffer with the third row seat in place. Fold that seat down and the space opens up dramatically. Fold the second row seat down and you've got yourself a cargo van.

You get what you pay for really does define BMW well. Xenon headlamps with LED day time running lamps come standard on all trims as well as, heated front seats, auto-dimming rear-view mirror and Bluetooth audio streaming. However, keyless, leather upholstery and rear view camera aren't even standard. We can think of quite a few rivals that offer these features standard and are similarly priced. Your investments will be well secured with the X5 however because it does enjoy high resale value even if the purchase price is step to downright insanely high.

Build quality is good thanks to many soft touch materials that feel sturdy and long lasting but BMW reliability becomes questionable after warranty expires. If you are planning to keep your X5 after standard warranty we strongly suggest opting for the extended warranty because the previous generation X5 was woeful in reliability and the newer generation we still hold that same concern. Safety is still on the top priority list of BMW and you get electronic stability program, brake assist, adaptive brake lamps and emergency brake assist. Side curtain airbags for both rows are standard and you can option for automatic high beam headlights to keep from dazzling oncoming traffic when high beams are activated.

The X5 really does defy logic. It handles well and can do some off-road trails as well. It can seat seven somewhat and is a classy well desirable option in the luxury 4x4 segment. However, the X5 doesn't go without its flaws. The engine stop start system isn't all that refined. Some options make the X5 more expensive than it already is, and the Volvo XC90 can carry seven people and is much classier inside out. It's hard ignoring the rivals for the X5 when some are cheaper and offer more kit that BMW puts as an option but for those seeking that BMW badge and won't settle for anything else, this is the car for you.

Likes: Logic defying on-road dynamics. Diesel engine option is quite good. It's classy image with excellent resale value.

Dislikes: Options and packages will sky rocket the price. Running costs won't be cheap either. No standard rear view camera and at this price point that's disappointing. We loathe the stop start system.

Xdrive35d is our pick of the range; that diesel engine is silky smooth and refined. If you do tons of highway driving this is the best way to go. Everyone else may want to consider the xDrive35i trim because it is slightly cheaper but most importantly it may find more appeal for those who won't be able to find a diesel refilling station in their area.

We drive a mutt from Scion (I mean Toyota)

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People often forget that you don’t have to choose from the second hand market if you are looking for a cheap car. Some of the choices maybe penalty boxes but the Toyota IA certainly isn’t one of them. Here’s why:

The sole 1.5 four-cylinder engine offered in the IA sedan certainly won’t win you any races but it certainly will save you money in running costs. It literally costs peanuts to run and while it does feel lively around town, you may struggle a bit to catch up to faster paced traffic. You’ll have to plan our overtaking carefully as when the 1.5 engine loses steam you’ll be forced to downshift in order to keep the momentum going. However, it is so much fun to thrash that tiny little engine. You don’t really get much out of it but it certainly is fun trying to. The six-speed manual gearbox has such short gearing which is aimed towards fuel economy but makes it quite tricky to drive around town. The auto gearbox will be the more mainstream option and is also a good choice if you can’t drive a manual gearbox but we wouldn’t bother with the auto gearbox as it saps what little horsepower and torque the engine produces even more so.

You’ll enjoy driving the IA around town where it feels at home. The steering feedback is light and has the feedback needed to help you feel confident when squeezing around tight urban streets, but when you venture outside the city limits the steering just completely checks out. The suspension does a good job of soaking up bumps and also helping make long journeys on the highway less tiresome but this is by no means a vehicle you’d want to be in for a long journey as the engine noise and road noise makes the journey tiresome.

The dashboard layout is simple and easy to navigate. The rotary dial in the center console controls the infotainment screen that sits in the middle of the dash board. We love how easy it is to use and while the graphics aren’t as crisp as we’d like it, but it’s hard to knock it. The fact that the IA even has such technology as standard with a starting price of $15k astounds us because there are much more expensive vehicles (example) the Ford Explorer has a tiny screen compared to the IA. We know they aren’t in the same category but you’d expect a $40k Ford to have a larger infotainment screen than a $15k sedan.

The lack of an arm rest in the center console became annoying after a while. There’s no place to rest your arm in either manual or automatic gearbox versions. The front seats are comfortable but lack the support for long trims and the rear seat is pretty good in space. The boot is okay in space, it’s nowhere near as spacious as the hatchback Yaris but for most people who have to have a sedan this will be as good as they can get. Visibility is good too thanks to a standard rear parking camera, but you don’t really need it because the IA isn’t a large car to begin with so it’s actually quite easy to park without the parking aids, although it does come in handy when you’re parking in tight parking spaces around the Lakeview area.

Our tester car came kitted very well and we felt it was good enough for the price. Rear-view parking camera, Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile phone and keyless entry all are fitted as standard. Keyless entry with push button start, cloth sports seats and driver select sport mode is fitted as standard kit. (This is one feature we forgot to test while we had the IA and if we get the chance again to drive another one, we will be sure to slip it into sport mode to see if it does anything to make the IA feel sporty.)

The Toyota IA was once a Scion IA before the Scion Brand was discontinued. The IA is actually a Mazda 2 (which is sold everywhere else except here). Dynamically the IA is a fun to drive little car, the engine is may lose steam on faster paced roads but this isn’t a pocket rocket. It’s a commuter car that’s comfortable to drive and easy to live with. The running costs are low and the standard kit is high. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to buy one and you won’t really feel like you’re shortchanged on space when you want to have a few friends along with you. It’s a cheeky little car that gets you to where you need to go without any fuss, and for many people this is enough. Plus you’ll have a piece of mind knowing your car has legendary build quality known by Toyota.

Likes: It costs peanuts to buy and run. The standard kit list is pretty generous considering the low asking price. There’s ample room for five adults and the boot space is decent.

Dislikes: The IA feels out of its depth when you venture outside of city limits.

Our pick: Since there is only one trim and two gearboxes to choose from. We’d say stick with the manual gearbox as it makes the most of the tiny engine and running costs are much lower with it. You’ll enjoy it more than the auto gearbox and well the overall package of the IA is light years better than the Mirage G4 and Versa Sedan. Why can’t all cheap cars be like this?