Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chick Flick Alert: "Remember Me"

On March 26th, I took a trip to the movies with my significant other. Me being me, forced him to sit through the new, cute, Robert Pattinson film Remember Me. He seemed extremely hesitant, but I still managed to coax him into the theatre. I think, I can honestly say that he was surprised by the outcome of the film. Neither of us foresaw our reactions.

The story line seem like that of any other chick flick. Bad boy meets Nice girl. Nice girl has disapproving father. Bad boy somehow screws everything up. Nice girl forgives him. They all live happily ever after. But in this modern tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, little twists give the story life. Death, poverty, and even wealth make the characters easier to connect with and the On-Screen chemistry that seems to pulse between Pattinson and his co-star, Emilie de Ravin, really draws you in and certainly puts Twilight to shame. Pattinson, who plays Tyler Hawkins, son of the very wealthy 
Charles Hawkins, played by Pierce Brosnan, is a hot-tempered college student who lives in a rundown apartment with his best friend and roommate, Aiden Hall, played by Tate Ellington.

One night, after a party at a local bar there in New York, Tyler and Aiden witness the brutal mugging of two fellow party-goers. Unable to stand back and watch, Tyler leaps into the brawl, which leads to a nasty run-in with Police Sergeant Neil Craig, played by Chris Cooper. Unbeknownst to Tyler or Aiden, Sgt. Craig is the overly-protective father of Allyssa (Ally) Craig, portrayed by de Ravin, a spunky, intelligent, down-to-Earth girl from Tyler’s class.
Seeking revenge on the crooked cop, Aiden sets Tyler and Ally up to get to know one another with plans for Tyler to break Ally’s heart, but as expected, the plot backfires when Tyler falls in love with the daughter of the enemy.

This tear-jerker is filled with steamy scenes, twists, both good and bad, and side plots that everyone can relate to and get lost within. As the final turn of events unfolded, gasps filled the silent theatre, followed closely by sniffles as the audience fell into realization of the familiarity of the conclusion. I must say, even I found myself dabbing the never-ending tears from my cheeks long past the hike through the parking lot. Although this film was certainly a sad story at the least, I will expect to be seeing it over and over, tears on high.

Molly Z.

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