Sunday, July 9, 2017

Minute Reviews (Used reviews)

Mazda 6 front 20090212.jpg

2010 Mazda6

Likes: Sporty design, punchy four-cylinder engine, roomy interior with great attention to details, trunk that looks larger than the class leaders.

Dislikes: Less 'zoom-zoom' more comfort, exterior mirrors don't fold in, alloy wheels should be standard.

Overall: Great sedan that's capable and fun to drive, but the larger more heavier feel ruins the sporty nature of the car.

09 Toyota Corolla.jpg

2010 Toyota Corolla

Likes: Solid car for size, little wind noise at highway speed, very spacious and refined for this price segment.

Dislikes: No driving excitement behind the wheel, styling is rather bland than flashy, recall has damaged Toyota's Reputation.

Overall: It suceeds in refinement and comfort. But leaves the driver feeling disconnected from the driving experience.


2010 Jeep Cherokee

Likes: Floats over pot holes and bumpy surfaces, punchy six-cylinder engine, very roomy and well equipped.

Dislikes: Awkward rear door shape, two piece tailgate can get a little annoying at times, ignition switch requires you to turn the key awkwardly.

Overall: Great vehicle for those who love Jeep off-road hertiage. Other than that, you can buy lighter more fuel efficient alternates for the same price.

2007 Volkswagen Golf (1K MY07) Sportline 2.0 TDI 5-door hatchback (2010-07-05).jpg

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

Likes: Solid feel, refinement somewhat higher than competitors, punchy five-cylinder engine, tons of space for such a small car.

Dislikes: Five-cylinder droan when revved hard, feels heavier than it looks, fuel economy isn't its strongest point.

Overall: Although its been replaced by the slicker looking Golf. The Rabbit is still a great buy compared to the more boring Honda Civic.

2009 Saab 9-5 sedan

Likes: Punchy turbo engine, quirky interior design, hints of aircraft hertiage through out design, comfortable highway ride.

Dislikes: Front wheel drive limits performance, hints of torque steer, often overshadowed by German and Japanese rivals.

Overall: Wait for the next generation to arrive shortly. Saab is going back to its roots, which is a good thing.

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yes i have driven one of these cars before, hamburger, and crashed one. What does this mean?