Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Poor Build Quality (Old)

2012-Jaguar-XF-studio (5639207249).jpg

Jaguar XF ($51,000)
Jaguar has replaced the aging S-type with the new XF. The XF displays sleek new styling and a more advanced technology that has never been offered in previous Jaguars. Although its styling is pretty, reliability is not up to par. In fact, Jaguars consistently score low in initial quality surveys. Unless you have deep pockets. You're better off buying from BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

2005-2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport wagon (2011-03-23).jpg

Land Rover Range Rover Sport ($59,000)
Land Rovers are known for their ability to provide luxury both on road and off. Although the average buyer won't take these machines off-road. Many of these vehicles will spend most of their lives in the repair shop. That is if you find that one Land Rover that actually is reliable. Just like Jaguar, Land Rovers suffer from poor reliability ratings. To sum it up, you buy a Land Rover as a status symbol.

2002 Volkswagen New Beetle (9C MY02.5) 2.0 coupe (2010-10-01) 01.jpg

Volkswagen Beetle ($17,000)
The Volkswagen Beetle is known for its cute iconic design. With a 2.5liter five-cylinder rated at 150hp and a six-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy is so-so, but interior quality is typical Volkswagen. When you buy a New Beetle, make sure that you get rid of it after the warranty is over. Many owners have complained of electrical problems and even major mechanical problems well after the warranty is over. Even though its cute, the build quality is terrifying.

Automatic BMWs
BMWs are dream cars for many. Most people lease them and trade them in for newer models. Once traded in, people flock to buy them used. This is where all the problems begin. Even if certified pre-owned, these automatics should be avoided at all costs. Most customers complain that the transmission hesitates or won't go in reverse at all. German cars aren't cheap to fix. BMW tends to be a little pricier to fix than the average German vehicle.

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