Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top Five Worst Beatles Covers

Kidz Bop
"Octopus's Garden"
Everyone says that the original version of anyone song is usually the best. Perhaps this isn't the case for either party. Kidz Bob must have decided to try and outdo The Beatles and make the song sound worst than it already is. Usually a cover is to flatter the original or surpass. In this case however, they've made a complete turn for the worst.

Maroon 5
"If I fell"
John Lennon hated the way his voice sounded, so he double-tracked his vocals to improve the sound of his singing in songs. Too bad he never got the chance to show this trick to Maroon 5. Not only does Adam Levine's vocals sound strained and weird, but the fact that he's trying to sing a song that doesn't fit the band's image really is just plain odd.

William Shatner
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds"
"Picture yourself... in a boat... on a river.. with tangerine trees!!! And marmalade skies!!" Some songs shouldn't be performed in spoken word form. This statement applies to William Shatner, whom decided to cover The Beatle's most controversial song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". Not only is it just weird to hear someone speak lyrics to a song meant to be sung. William Shatner's emphasis on certain words through out the song just makes you wonder why people liked this song?

Jonas Brothers
"Hello Goodbye"

Its a toss up here, and I bet you're wondering why a department store is on this list. Target and the Jonas Brothers have single handedly ruined what was considered The Beatles most commercially successful song in 1967. There's a reason why John Lennon hated this song, and why most people dislike this song now.

Marilyn Manson
"Helter Skelter"

Marilyn has some how turned a hard rock (often considered one of the earliest Metal Songs) into a screamo piece of garbage. Not all songs sound cool when you scream the whole time. There are better covers for this song. There's no need to waste your time on this cover.

Devon M

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