Sunday, February 20, 2011

Devon's Coverage of the Auto Show (Part One)

Scion IQ
Likes: Clever engineering, small size is great for crowded city life, advanced safety features.
Dislikes: Looks like a toy car, rear seat almost a joke, tiny cargo area.
Overall: A step up from the Smart Fortwo, but not by much.

Ford Fiesta
Likes: Very upscale interior, roomy front seats, roomy cargo area, plenty of options to make your Fiesta feel unique.
Dislikes: Can get quite expensive, needs a more power to match sporty looks, rear seat space is rather cramped, no center arm rest.
Overall: Finally a small car from Ford that isn't embarrasing to own.

Mini Countryman
Likes: Still looks like a Mini inside out, extra room for four people, plenty of cargo space as well.
Dislikes: Mini Coopers aren't supposed to be this big!! Price can get high quickly.
Overall: A Mini Cooper with real people space.

Chevy Volt
Likes: High tech electric car, incredible gas mileage, futuristic looking interior decor.
Dislikes: $40,000 price tag.
Overall: Chevy has a winner on its hands. But can it live up to the expectations of the penny pinchers?

Nissan Leaf
Likes: An all-electric car that can be purchased, virtually no exhaust emissions, can be a reasonable second car.

Dislikes: Not very practical if you live more than 70 miles,  or depend on street parking rather than garage, too expensive and impractical for a second car.

Overall: Just like any other car, except no gasoline required.

Fiat 500
Likes: Retro styling, classy upscale interior, lighter and quicker than a base Mini Cooper.
Dislikes: Not all that practical, Italian quality reputation, where's the twinair turbo?
Overall: The turbo version should've been offered first.

Devon M 

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