Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Devon's Coverage of the Auto Show (Part Three)

Likes: Styling looks much better than previous form, more spacious interior, available turbo six-cylinder engine.

Dislikes: BMW premium pricing, no more manual transmission.

Overall: People choose this over the much better way less expensive 3 Series Wagon?

Acura TSX Wagon

Likes: Stylish wagon inside out, plenty of cargo space and people space, fuel thrifty four-cylinder.
Dislikes: No V6 engine option.
Overall: Although the wagon breed of vehicles is dying. Acura presents reasons why there's still hope in this segment.

Toyota Corolla
Likes: Refined interior, sense of near-Lexus quality, impressive amount of standard features.
Dislikes: Styling still bland, Toyota's reputation has been ruined by recalls, manages to be boring even with more power and sporty styling.
Overall: A soulless, dull appliance.

Honda Accord Crosstour

Likes: Excellent fit and finish, available four-wheel-drive, comfortable front seats.

Dislikes: Styling is just plain weird, slopping roofline creates blind spots.

Overall: Just a taller heavier Accord with more cargo space.

Ford Explorer
Likes: Spacious interior, styling that's very eye appealing, four-wheel-drive that's a major improvement over previous generation.
Dislikes: Turbo form doesn't offer four-wheel-drive, does Ford really need this SUV?
Overall: One of the several reasons why Ford should be reconsidered.

Land Rover LR4
Likes: Luxury combined with excellent off-road abilities, commanding seating position, powerful V8 engine.
Dislikes: Fuel economy, Land Rover's poor reputation for quality.
Overall: A decent SUV, but there are rivals that have better build quality and improved fuel economy.

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