Monday, February 21, 2011

Devon's Coverage of the Auto Show (Part Two)

Dodge Charger
Likes: Bold new exterior design, interior has a higher quality feel to it, Challenger-inspired tail lamp design.
Dislikes: Styling may appear too 'in your face' for some, even in the sportiest form, there are still better alternatives out there.
Overall: If you desire big American V8 muscle. This is the car for you.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Likes: An all electric vehicle, offers plenty of space for such a small car, designed for urban city traffic.
Dislikes: Range limits practicality, hard to justify high asking price for such a small car, futuristic styling isn't for everyone.
Overall: The future of electric cars is here.

Volkswagen Passat
Likes: More affordable than previous generation, tons of interior space, trunk space is very good.
Dislikes: Design is just bland, interior lacks Volkswagen's high quality feel, looks like an oversized Jetta.
Overall: The Americanized Passat just doesn't feel like a Volkswagen.

Saab 9-5 Sedan
Likes: Very handsome styling inside out, drastic change from the previous generation, still quirky - still Saab.
Dislikes: No more center console ignition switch, feels more like a luxury sedan.
Overall: Saab is moving in the right direction.

BMW 5 Series GT
Likes: Rear tailgate that can be opened like a sedan or hatchback, command seating in the rear, simple minimalistic approach to instrumental panel design.
Dislikes: Too expensive for what it is - by the way what is it supposed to be?
Overall: A BMW that creates a niche car that's creative, but just a tad over-priced.

Smart Fortwo ED
Likes: Fully electric motor, interior is oddly spacious for such a small car.
Dislikes: Still too small for some taste, can only be leased not purchased.
Overall: The Smart car should've been electric to begin with!

Porsche Panamera
Likes: Upscale interior, very distinct exterior design, plenty of power to satisfy hardcore Porsche Fans.

Dislikes: Some angles aren't very appealing, may induce sticker shock, options can sky rocket the price.

Overall: If you desire a roomy Porsche but dislike the Suv. This maybe the Porsche for you.

Volkswagen Tiguan
Likes: Very stylish exterior design, very spacious interior, rear seats can slide back to increase legroom.
Dislikes: Volkswagen premium pricing, interior is bland and lacks the high quality feel you'd expect.
Overall: The Jetta Wagon offers the same cargo space, but is far less expensive.

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