Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Janus is back with 'Stains'

The Chicago based band first rocked the scene in 2009 with their major hit single 'Eyesore'. This song blended good vocals, nice instrumentals and a mini breakdown that sounded good. It was a pretty basic song in structure, but had a little extra that made it sound more unique. Now Janus has released a new single titled 'Stains'. Keeping in tradition to their popular hit song 'Eyesore', Janus as choosen the route of a song that has a nice uptempo feel. But what keeps you interested in the song is the interesting guitar riffs used. It almost fits the songs moody sound. David Scotney (lead vocals) does a great job at expressing his raw emotions through out the song. Even though at the chorus when he screams 'Stains' the song 'Eyesore' does come to mind at times. There are bits of eletronica sounds that can be heard when he's screaming 'Stains' which doesn't sound over the top, but it does sound a bit strange. This is one of the more interesting tracks from the band, and we hope that the next album takes on this new sound. It's not radical but it does bring a new light for the band. 

Devon M