Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 MLB PROSPECT REVIEW: #105-101

Felipe M

The following is a review of a list that was compiled way back in March of 2012.  "2012 Outlooks" are based on a summation of scouting reports (entering the 2012 MLB season) of each player condensed into a sentence or two for easier reading.

105. Carlos Martinez--SP--St. Louis Cardinals

  • 2012 Outlook: "Wild, but still has Ace potential. Long-term player"
  • 2012 Achievements: Best fastball in Texas League; Named #6 best prospect in TL.
  • Conclusion: Martinez's K/9 dropped when promoted to Double-A, but so did walk rate. Martinez also induced a lot of groundball outs last season.  Regardless, Martinez looks to spend another season in the minors next year.
104. Jed Bradley--SP--Milwaukee Brewers

  • 2012 Outlook: "Solid lefty, might move through Minors quickly"
  • 2012 Achievements: Struggled in Hi-A ball
  • Conclusion: The big lefty posted pedestrian numbers last season and nothing really stood out in 2012. Turns out, Bradley does need a lot more time in the Minors than originally anticipated.
103. Matt Harvey--SP--New York Mets
  • 2012 Outlook: "High upside--needs to work on secondary pitches."
  • 2012 Achievements: #1 Prospect in International League and obviously the Best Pitching prospect in the league. Was impressive in call-up to Majors. 
  • Conclusion: Also of note is that he posted high strikeout rates in Minors, but needs to control walk rate. Can also be hittable at times, but can control the long ball rate. Harvey's recipe for success is a high, 90s fastball that is complemented by his slider. High upside, along with positive results with the Mets last season, has the baseball world (more noticeably in Queens, New York) waiting in anticipation to see if he can garner a starting rotation spot for the Mets in 2013. 
102. Jake Odorizzi--SP--Kansas City Royals
  • 2012 Outlook: "Struggled in Double-A, but still a good long-term prospect."
  • 2012 Achievements: #11 best prospect in Pacific Coast League
  • Conclusion: Equipped with a High 90s fastball and a good curveball, Odorizzi has the makings of a legit starting pitcher in the majors. He can be hittable at times and looks to be a flyball pitcher, but can keep the ball in the park. Struggled in the Majors last season, but Royals look to call him up sometime in 2013.
101. Dylan Bundy--SP--Baltimore Orioles
  • 2012 Outlook: "Upside to be top prospect, but still few years away."
  • 2012 Achievements: #1 Prospect in Carolina League also had Best Fastball in league; Best Curveball and Fastball in Orioles' system, per Baseball America; Best Fastball and Pitching Prospect in South Atlantic League. 
  • Conclusion: Only 20 years-old, Bundy dominated Minors, for the most part. Showed impeccable control and command in A-Ball. Might be too soon to call up and Orioles don't seem to have an immediate need for him, but if Bundy keeps up the production, the O's will be hard-pressed to not give him a look in the Big Leagues.

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