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2012 MLB PROSPECT REVIEW: #115-111

Felipe M

The following is a review of a list that was compiled way back in March of 2012. To read the criteria of compiling this list, please click here. "2012 Outlooks" are based on a summation of scouting reports of each player condensed into a sentence or two for easier reading.

115. Kyle Gibson--P--Minnesota Twins:

  • 2012 Outlook: "Recovering from Tommy John Surgery"
  • 2012 Achievements: Best slider in Twins' system; Participated in Arizona Fall League; Made AFL's Top Prospects' List
  • Conclusion: This former top prospect showed dominating stuff in Rookie and High-A ball before hitting a wall in AAA. He still showed great control and respectable strikeout rate.  Has ability to induce groundballs. Might be ready to contribute for Twins by summer of 2013.
114. Tanner Scheppers--P--Texas Rangers:
  • 2012 Outlook: "Battled back and control issues. Still needs to develop as a pitcher"
  • 2012 Achievements: Fastball was named "Best" in Pacific Coast League; Played for the Rangers as a Relief Pitcher
  • Conclusion: After years of high walk rates in the minors, he impressed the Rangers in AAA to call him up.  Unfortunately, he got lit up in the Majors despite a decent K/9 and K:BB. Will need to work on command if he wants to avoid being another, in a very long list of, disappointing pitching prospect for the Rangers. 
113. Michael Choice--OF--Oakland A's:
  • 2012 Outlook: "High strikeout rate might cripple his growth, but long-term prospect at 22."
  • 2012 Achievements: Participated in 2012 Future Games
  • Conclusion: Was having a solid season in the Minors before breaking his hand. Still strikes out too much, but if he can keep them under control next season and keep posting numbers, he can improve his stock.
112. Chris Carter--1B/OF--Oakland A's:
  • 2012 Outlook: "Power potential is there, but has low contact rate. Running out of time."
  • 2012 Achievements: Played half the season for Oakland A's. 
  • Conclusion: Still displayed low contact rate, but made up for it in high OPS. Looks to be an all-or-nothing hitter as he has cemented the fact that he walks half as much as he strikes out.  Strikeouts are way too high, but still an intriguing batter with size and ability to post high on-base%. Career arch reminds me of Brandon Allen (who will be playing overseas in 2013).
111. Michael Taylor--OF--Oakland A's:
  • 2012 Outlook: "26, running out of time to turn his career around. Might make big league club as 4th OF."
  • 2012 Achievements: Played 6 games for the Oakland A's in 2012.
  • Conclusion: Once an up-and-coming prospect three years ago, the door might have officially closed on his big league career this season. Home run rate dropped, but made up by hitting more doubles and improving BB:K. Starting to look like a Quadruple-A player, but size and pedigree and the fact that the A's have been known to give their players ample amount of time and chances to develop is all that remains for this player. 

Thanks to Baseball America, CBSsports, Through the Fence Baseball, and Baseball-Reference for providing content for this project. 

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