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Felipe M

The following is a review of a list that was compiled way back in March of 2012.  "2012 Outlooks" are based on a summation of scouting reports (entering the 2012 MLB season) of each player condensed into a sentence or two for easier reading.

70. Gary Sanchez--C--New York Yankees
  • 2012 Outlook: "Good power-hitting prospect, but needs to work on catching skills."
  • 2012 Achievements: #3 Prospect in Yankees organization as well as its Best Power Hitter; #5 South Atlantic League as well as its Best Power Prospect; #9 in Florida State League. 
  • Conclusion: Sanchez is only 20 years-old so he has a long way to go, obviously, but the hitting talent is real, putting up 29 doubles in 2012.  As far as his catching skills go, he threw out 30% of base stealers in 2012.  He produced very well in Lo-A ball, but struggled a bit in High-A. Needs to show more discipline at the plate, but Sanchez has time on his side to improve all facets of his game.
69. Alex Liddi--3B--Seattle Mariners
  • 2012 Outlook: "Needs to cut back on strikeouts or he'll be the next Brandon Wood."
  • 2012 Achievements: Played for Mariners in 2012
  • Conclusion: Liddi still strikes out too much and his approach at the plate has proven to be flawed time and time again--since 2010, Liddi's on-base% and OPS have decreased.  Still, he's only 24 years-old so he's not a bust quite yet, but how much longer will the M's wait for him to improve?
68. Brett Jackson--OF--Chicago Cubs
  • 2012 Outlook: "5-tool player, but strikes out too much.  Might make Big League club sometime in 2012."
  • 2012 Achievements: Called up by the Cubs; #15 ranked prospect in Pacific Coast League.
  • Conclusion: Just like 3B, the Cubs have had plenty of recent hot shot, CF prospects (Corey Patterson and Felix Pie) and just like the players before him, Jackson is proving to be a bust in the making. While in Triple-A, he sacrificed patience for more power, which resulted in an increase in extra base-hits, but decreased OBP% and OPS.  While with the Cubs, Jackson struck out once ever 2 at bats. It seems that the Cubs have more patience with Jackson than with fellow Cubs' prospect, Josh Vitters, but Jackson needs to find a different approach at the plate and cut back on the strikeouts. 
67. Matt Davidson--3B--Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 2012 Outlook: "Power hitter, but might be the next Mark Reynolds. Still young enough to improve."
  • 2012 Achievements: Played in Arizona Fall League; #12 Prospect and Best Power Prospect in Southern League.
  • Conclusion: Davidson improved his BB:K, strikeouts per at bats, OBP%, and OPS in 2012. Only 21 years-old, he's still has a ways to go before he's in the conversation to join the D'backs.
66. Daniel Corcino--SP--Cincinnati Reds
  • 2012 Outlook: "5'11" pitcher, was dominant in 2011.  Will pitch in hitter-friendly California League."
  • 2012 Achievements: Made Reds' 40 man roster; #17 Prospect in Southern League
  • Conclusion: Corcino was riddled with control issues in 2012.  To his defense, he was promoted from Lo-A straight to Double-A last year, which might have explained his unimpressive numbers last season, but regardless, lack of control is a concern. Also proving to be a flyball pitcher early on in his career.  If he is to pitch for Reds, he needs to cut back on that as well. 

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