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The following is a review of a list that was compiled way back in March of 2012.  "2012 Outlooks" are based on a summation of scouting reports (entering the 2012 MLB season) of each player condensed into a sentence or two for easier reading.

30. Anthony Rizzo--1B--Chicago Cubs

  • 2012 Outlook: "If Bryan LaHair falters, he will make Cubs' roster. Would be much better at Wrigley than at Petco."
  • 2012 Achievements: #5 Prospect in Pacific Coast League as well as its Best Batting Prospect.
  • Conclusion: Not many prospects were hyped up more than Rizzo. Very rarely does a player's call-up make such a big deal. But these were no ordinary circumstances; these were the Chicago Cubs under new management and in the middle of a losing season. The pressure was on Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer for their handpicked "franchise player" to come up with a big game. He did. More importantly, Rizzo bounced back from a disappointing stint in San Diego. Rizzo would go on to play 87 games and accumulate 337 at bats for the Cubs. He hit .285 with an OPS of .805 and a BB:K of .44. Compared that to Rizzo's minor league numbers (.47 BB:K, .303 batting average, and .914 OPS), Rizzo is more or less on par to continue to improve and is all ready slated to play for Italy in the World Baseball Classic and will indubitably start 2013 as the Cubs' starting 1B.
29. Mike Montgomery--SP--Tampa Rays
  • 2012 Outlook: "Struggled in Triple-A, but might get called up in 2012."
  • 2012 Achievements: Best Changeup in Royals' farm system
  • Conclusion: Montgomery was one of the players moved out of Kansas City in order for the Royals to acquire starting pitcher James Shields. Montgomery once looked like a bonafide prospect, but has been struggling since moving up to Double-A ball in 2010. Control issues continue to plague him and during that time span, has seen his K/9 drop and his H/9 soar. He also struggled with keeping the ball in the park in 2012.  His career 1.72 groundball/flyball ratio probably doesn't help in keeping his homerun rate in check. Perhaps the Tampa system will help him regain his confidence that once made him a legit pitching prospect in Kansas City. In the meantime, Montgomery can be added to a list of highly touted pitching prospects that have fizzled in the Royals' system.
28. Alex Torres--RP--Tampa Rays
  • 2012 Outlook: "Command issues, but might be first call-up for Tampa."
  • 2012 Achievements: N/A
  • Conclusion: To recapitulate, Torres' continued to have control and command issues in 2012. He was used both as a starter and a reliever in 2012, making 12 relief appearances. If there is a glimmer of hope for Torres to make the Rays' 2013 squad, it would have to be as a relief pitcher, but he still has an outside chance of making it.
27. Garrett Richards--RP--California Angels of Anaheim
  • 2012 Outlook: "A rotation spot away from joining the Angels in 2012."
  • 2012 Achievements: N/A
  • Conclusion: Richards make 30 total pitching appearances for the Halos last season, including 9 starts. The results were disastrous, but did manage to record one save. Richards was all ready struggling in Triple-A before the Angels called him up last season. Just like Torres, Richards has a slim chance to make the Angels, but if he does, he's projected to join their bullpen and also counted on to be the team's spot starter. Most likely, the Angels are hoping Richards can pitch like he did in Double-A, where he posted a 7.7 H/9, 2.5 BB/9, 6.5 K/9, and a WHIP OF 1.14.
26. Devin Mesoraco--C--Cincinnati Reds
  • 2012 Outlook: "Will start Major League career as the Reds' backup catcher. He comes with a power/patience combo."
  • 2012 Achievements: N/A
  • Conclusion: After much optimism for the young catcher, Mesoraco garnered 165 at bats for the Reds. The results: Slash Line of .212/.288/.351 and a BB:K of .51. Mesoraco's claim to fame, however, was getting into a heated argument and then proceeding to deliberately bump an umpire during a game, earning him a suspension. He's projected to be the Reds' backup catcher once again as the club is hoping he can display his power/patience package that was evident in Triple-A (.289/.371/.484/.855, BB:K of .62).

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