Monday, January 21, 2013

FALCON PUNCHED! What is going on in Atlanta?

Johnny J

The Alanta Falcons need to redefine themselves as a team. They have the skilled players and the home-field advantage to help carry them to the Super Bowl, but they lack the passion for the game. They need to get back to their, "Dirty Bird" roots. The main reason you're playing the sport is to have fun. I don't see that when it comes to the Falcons, which is why they are never considered a threat in the post-season. They've been the number 1 seed twice out of the last 3 seasons and were eliminated both times.

Falcons' Nation acts like it's going to be a cake-walk every year when they're the top seed. You would think being the top seed would mean a lot of pro-bowlers too, right? Wrong: they only have three and they're all on offense:

  • Quarterback Matt Ryan ( 2 Pro Bowl Appearances)
  • Wide Receiver Julio Jones ( 1st Pro Bowl Appearance)
  • Tight End Tony Gonzalez ( 13 Pro Bowl Appearances and 3rd with the Falcons)

So I believe Brand Nubian says it best when they say,"Punks jump up to get beat down." That pretty much sums up the Falcons' play in the Georgia Dome in the post-season. 70,000 strong, only to be silenced. Getting out to a 17-0 lead, only to squander it. A chance to put a team away, only to lose the ball--TWICE! A final chance to execute the winning score, only to choke the opportunity away.

The Falcons "jumped" out early, only to get "beat down" in the end.

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