Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The following is a collaborative effort as we look back at the week in sports. We only use one sentence or less, or your money back!

Pathological Hate

All the hype has been met. (Felipe M)
Having heart always prevails. (Johnny J)
Used to be unlikeable, now he's undeniable. (Donny R)
He also reached the 5,000, career assist mark, displaying his ability to dominate and share. (Dan P.)
Future G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) (C. McLain)
The most boring, but completely dominant superstar ever, sans “The Decision” (Josh C)

  • The NHL opened their season this past weekend. What does the NHL coming back mean to you?

It’s going to be a great winter! (Felipe M)
Absolutely nothing! (Johnny J)
I might actually tune into Regular season hockey now that it'll be a year-long playoff race. (Donny R)
As a 4th year fan, I am bonafide, addicted to the sport (Dan P)
Even wackier, playoff scenarios! (C. McLain)
I’m happy to have my Sharks’ games back, though I have a hard time wanting to support the NFL after yet another lockout. (Josh C)

  • Marco Belinelli hit the game-winning shot against the Boston Celtics on Friday. What do you think about Marco as an NBA player?

Would give him the green light on all open shots. (Felipe M)
Bulls couldn't afford to keep Korver, so he will do. (Johnny J)
Not as frustrating as a Kyle Korver 1-for-4 3pt% game. Donny R)
I like the versatility that Marco brings and the fact the Bulls do not need to run plays specifically to get him open. (Dan P)
Who??? (C. McLain)
Specialist (Josh C)

Just what this franchise needed. (Felipe M)
They should have never left! (Johnny J)
Finally, an opportunity to use the Seahawks' color scheme, in hoops, where it belongs. (Donny R)
Totally ecstatic about the deal, although I feel bad for the Kings’ fans-- wait do they have any fans?(Dan P)
You can put lipstick on a pig but... (C. McLain)
Good for Seattle, good for the NBA to have the Sonics back, but poor, poor Sacramento ("Swerve City!") for suffering the same fate that the original Sonics suffered. (Josh C)

  • The Harbaugh brothers become the first siblings to coach against each other's teams in any sport during the post-season (per Elias Sports Bureau): your thoughts on this incredible, unique feat?

Fascinating achievement, especially when thinking of the different sports families that are out there. (Felipe M)
 It was just their time. (Johnny J)
a storyline that will be filler for the 16 hours of pregame coverage. (Donny R)
Very impressive how fast they both achieved success and they almost played against each other last year as well (Dan P).
Forget "Tiger-blood"; I’ll take some of that Harbaugh-blood. (C. McLain)
Was hoping it would happen last year; so happy to see it come to fruition this year. (Josh C)

Leave college now or else feel the wrath of the NCAA. (Felipe M)
Someone that can install the read option to a backfield that can perform it well. (Johnny J)
Will be better than the 2012 Eagles, but not better than Silver Linings Playbook (Donny R)
Best of luck, but he's the next great college coach to find out how hard it is to turn around a pro NFL team when you don't get to recruit the players (Dan P).
Finally, someone who can actually coordinate successful "Wildcat" formations. (C. McLain)
Yawn! (Josh C)

  • Tony Gonzalez stated that he will not return to play in the NFL next season: Where do you see Tony Gonzalez by the end of July, 2013?

Rumors will be flying about him coming back in time for training camp. (Felipe M)
He'll be back dunking the ball over the field goal crossbar. (Johnny J)
In the words of Hawk Harrelson--"he gone!" (Donny R)
If I’m Arthur Blank, I’m throwing him a lucrative, one-year deal at him, because they desperately need him back (Dan P.)
With a tackle and not being tackled for a change. (C. McLain)
Retired. (Josh C)

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