Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAKING THE PITCH: Arizona Diamondbacks

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We take a look at the projected starting rotations and closer situations of every MLB team.  Of course, this will come from a fantasy perspective.  All cited stats are based on 2013 projections.

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We'll take a look at the Arizona Diamondbacks.  


  1. Ian Kennedy
    • Good: Has ability to strikeout hitters and keeps walks to a minimum (3.26 K/BB). Very durable pitcher.
    • Bad: WHIP of 1.25 is too high for a starting pitcher who's supposed to be an "Ace."  
  2. Trevor Cahill
    • Good: Cheap source of strikeouts (K/9 6.71) and won't hurt you with the long ball.
    • Bad: He is still a "pitch-to-contact" hurler.  The problem comes with a 3.24 BB/9 which is a tolerable number, but aggregate that with his H/9 (8.55) and it equals to an unforgiving WHIP of 1.31.
  3. Brandon McCarthy
    • Good: 3.57 K/BB is really good considering he won't strike out a lot of batters.  No concerns about his control either (1.71 BB/9) and like Cahill, he won't hurt you with the homer runs allowed.
    • Bad: Unfortunately, like Cahill, he's depends a lot more on his defense to get him outs.  That dependency means a high H/9 of 9.11.
  4. Wade Miley
    • Good: Pretty similar numbers to McCarthy, but with a better chance of getting more K's.
    • Bad: Just like McCarthy, however, he depends on contact to get him through innings, which makes for a H/9 projection of 8.91.
  5. Tyler Skaggs
    • Good: Is getting  a legit shot to break camp on the Big League roster as the D'backs try to justify shipping Trevor Bauer to Cleveland. Potential to post a respectable K/9 of 7.36.
    • Bad: Despite the raw potential, he's still a young pitcher trying to figure out the Majors.  Projections suggest an approximate BB/9 of 3.68 and H/9 8.69 which should result in a high WHIP of 1.38.  
  1. J.J. Putz
    • Good: Might not be a big name, but when Putz is healthy and on his 'A' game, he's near-dominant when he gets the ball in the 9th.  K/BB of 5.82 is just sick.  Better than Craig Kimbrel's projected K/BB (5.22).
    • Bad: Elbow and back issues from last season is a slight concern.  He'll be 37 this year.

The D'backs stockpiled on starting pitchers that can keep the walks to a minimum, but also have unspectacular strikeout potential along with a need to pitch to contact: contact that results in a lot of base hits and rising WHIP.  Ian Kennedy is a safe bet, but should not be depended to be the ace of your pitching staff.  McCarthy, Miley can be trusted in the middle of your rotation and even Cahill has value at the backend of your team's rotation/spot starter.

As far as Putz goes, unless another injury slows him down this spring, even at his advanced age, he's still a legit closer (see Mariano Rivera) and should be drafted as your #1 source for saves.  

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