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MAKING THE PITCH: Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field produced the 11th most doubles in 2012.
A nightmare scenario if you're one of the following pitchers listed.
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Felipe M

We take a look at the projected starting rotations and closer situations of every MLB team.  Of course, this will come from a fantasy perspective.  All cited stats are based on 2013 projections. 

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We now take a look at the Cleveland Indians.


  1. Justin Masterson
    • Good: Masterson's ticket to the big leagues has always been a hard sinker.  He doesn't give up many homers and is always flirting with earning double the groundouts than flyouts per season.  
    • Bad: He pitches to a lot of contact.  Worse, he has a BB/9 of 3.27, giving him a projected WHIP of 1.39.
  2. Ubaldo Jimenez
    • Good: Can reach the 8 K/9 milestone.  
    • Bad: Can be very hittable (8.72 H/9) and is constantly battling control issues (4.24 BB/9; WHIP 1.44).  
  3. Brett Myers
    • Good: 6.70 K/9 is pretty adequate.  Keeps walks under control as well (2.43 BB/9).
    • Bad: 9.34 H/9 is the main culprit for a 1.31 WHIP.  These are similar numbers to big league, pitching novice, Jordan Lyles
  4. Zach McAllister
    • Good: Was recently named the official #4 starter by the team.  6.27 K/9 is solid, but unspectacular.  2.79 BB/9 is pretty impressive.  
    • Bad: Yet another hurler who pitches to contact.  The H/9 (8.77), raises his WHIP to 1.28 and is expected to give up lots of homeruns this season.  Think Jason Vargas.
  5. Trevor Bauer
    • Good: One of many, many pitchers vying for that 5th spot.  Bauer is worth a closer look due to his high upside as a highly, touted prospect.  K/9 of 9.06 and H/9 of 8.17 and a 2/1 K/BB ratio makes him an intriguing choice.
    • Bad: Young players tend to struggle with walks and Bauer, despite being supremely talented, might still need more Minor League experience.  Expected WHIP of 1.40 makes him useless, unless you're in a keeper/dynasty league format.

  1. Chris Perez
    • Good: Has similar numbers like Joel Hanrahan, but without the strikeout potential.  
    • Bad: Due to a relatively low K/9 (8.84), his K/BB of 2.70 places him in the 2nd tier group of closers.  He's good enough to rack up the saves, but won't dominate like the elite closers in the game.

As you can see, the Indians decided to stockpile their pitching rotation with adequate hurlers who get by from inning-to-inning by pitching to contact and letting the defense bail them out.  The best pitcher of the group, Myers, at best, can be drafted to fill out your 5,6, or 7th, but should be a guy that should sit on your bench until he shows you that he can produce on a consistent basis.  Bauer should only be drafted in long-term leagues.  Personally, I will not touch Jimenez if you pay me.  Same with Masterson and McAllister. 

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