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Johnny J

New York is one of biggest markets in the world for professional athletes. So it's no wonder  New York draws the best athletes from around the globe. It's the place everyone wants to be. Its like playing on the biggest stage of all sports stadiums. The bright lights mixed in with the night scene. It's a major attraction. Well about 11 sports teams call this east coast state home. With it being the biggest stage to play on, fans of these teams expect to win. If they don't get what they want, then athletes will hear it. Not just from fans, but from the media. They will eat you alive when you don't win. It can be a difficult place to call home for sports players. However if you are helping this city win, it could be a good place to call home.

Some super athletes cannot
be booed, however.
The Big Apple, has plenty to be happy about:  the New York Rangers and Islanders would be in the playoffs if they started today; The New York Mets are three games over .500 (and probably the most exciting young pitcher, Matt Harvey--Ed); Alex Rodriguez still hasn't suited up yet, but the Yankees are the Yankees; the New York Jets finally brought in a quarterback to give Mark Sanchez competition; the Brooklyn Nets have made their first playoff appearance since 2007--back when Jason Kidd was running the point.

But the number one team sports fans should be happy about is the New York Knicks have established a team that can compete with the Miami Heat. The Knicks have accomplished a lot under Mike Woodson's first full season as shot-caller. They have secured the number two seed in the Eastern Conference, their first since the 93-94 season. They won the Atlantic Division for the first time since '94. They won over 50 games for the first time since 1999-2000, as well as winning thirteen games in the row that was snapped last Thursday against the Chicago Bulls. It was the third longest winning streak in franchise history.

They've done all this without their crippled $100 million dollar man, whom has missed 51 games this season and is expected to miss the final two games of the regular season. There is word Amar'e Stoudemire won't even be ready for the first round of the playoffs, which start next Sunday. All I can say is, Gotham isn't a place I see him playing in next season. Oh, but I do thank you for helping Carmelo Anthony come over, which then helped J.R. "Swish" Smith make his decision to defend Gotham together. If my cap had Night Thrasher on it, that would be Stoudemire; someone that likes to go around giving people karate chops. No special moves. Read up on Night Thrasher.

Spike Lee has the Knicks;
Stan Lee has these heroes.
Knicks' fans have desperately waited for a championship, since winning it 40 years ago. This year could be the year that Spike Lee gets his money's worth, sitting courtside.  That guy doesn't miss too many Knicks' games--he may not miss any practices!  I saw him sitting courtside when they beat the Heat in Miami a couple of weeks ago. He may even have his own locker. Watch Spike glorify the Knicks.

People talked about the Knicks having an ancient team with four players being over the age of 35, but I see it as leadership in the locker room. Yes, three of them are hurt, but I still would like to hear their voices in the locker room, mentoring and encouraging the team. They will be ready for the playoffs as Mike Woodson announced yesterday.  Now with a super-team to take down the infamous villains known as the Heat, I look forward to watching The King get his crown knocked off. There are superheroes all over the city, but only the New York Knicks can call Gotham home!

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