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DERRICK ROSE: Running of the Bulls

Johnny J
Derrick Rose has not worn a game jersey all
season long.

Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose is watching his team get outplayed by the Miami Heat. With the Bulls on the brink of elimination, Rose continues to say he isn't ready from his torn ACL injury. The same injury that has kept him on the sidelines for the past year. But that isn't true, Rose has been practicing for the past two months. From what I can tell, he can do everything from run, jump, and clap his hands on the bench, while his teammates continue to play through various injuries and ailments. I wonder what goes through his head when he sees his teammates out on the court giving their all?

Rose is one of my favorite players in the NBA. He is the only Bulls' player whose jersey I actually bought. He is a hometown kid who has won over the city of Chicago with his unique style of play. His quick cuts and his hard play has led to the 24 year-old winning the MVP two years ago. The same player who had been drafted number one overall by the Bulls in 2008. The one who led the Memphis Tigers to the NCAA Championship Game. Named Mr. Illinois Basketball in 2007 and won multiple championships at Simeon High School. So its safe to say that Rose has been a winner all his life. Why would his attitude or credibility be an issue now?

He tore his ACL a year ago. The same-day New York Knicks' guard Iman Shumphert tore his ACL in the first round of the playoffs against the Miami Heat (never wear Adidas and hoop!).  He came back in the middle of the season, in the month of January to be exact and has been better than ever.  This guy is a key player for the Knicks.  He moves pretty well for someone who suffered a serious knee injury 9 months ago or so.  He struggled at first, but he gained confidence over the past couple of months.  He now averages 8.8 PPG, and 6.3 RBP in the playoffs. Rose's confidence may not be there, but he has to play to regain it, to recover it. To once again be at the head of the pack in the "Running of the Bulls."

(I have been saying that he should have done that during the regular season, like his doctors suggested of him as part of his rehab regiment.  Columnist Dan Bernstein shared his sentiments about a month ago--Ed)

The season may end for the Bulls tonight, as they have already stated that Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich will not play in Game 5.  It would be nice for Rose to intimidate the Heat by suiting up.  Shock the country and play. Boost your team up.  Be the hype man as Flavor Flav was to Public Enemy. Do something people won't expect. Let your fans know why they cheer for you and what they mean to you as an athlete. Lead the team out of the tunnel.  Make a public service announcement.  Tell us your credibility is about to take off. The Bulls are still in it, but for how long?  Is it just going to be another trip to South Beach or a round trip back to Chicago?  You maybe the one who makes this playoff series hard for LeBron.

The city needs you; the fans need you.  Your team needs you. Show them that you never lost that first step. Show them your confidence is tilted up. I haven't worn my D-Rose jersey all year long. Give me a reason to pull it out!  Run with the Bulls!  Spain isn't the only country who does that. Defend the United Center, defend the line-up introduction video with the Bulls running through the opponent. Play your game and your skills will slowly get back in form. Get mentally strong in the game.  You have the heart of a champion. Prove it!

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