Friday, June 28, 2013


Hasan R

Hello everyone and welcome to my first DRAFT DIARY. That’s right folks, I am ripping off Bill Simmons’ shtick (and who cares?  It’s not like he’ll be doing a draft diary this year because he’ll be too busy on TV to do one anyway, right?).  This draft proves to be an interesting one with NBA pundits moaning that it is a “weak draft” and it’s a bit of a gamble outside of the top 10 picks. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about David Stern’s final draft.

But for good measure: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Pick 1, Cleveland Cavaliers: Ok, frankly for pick 1, I am absolutely expecting that they pick Nerlens Noel. I mean injury or no injury, he is one of the top players in this draft and Cleveland can afford to gamble on his ability to start giving them depth at the C/PF position.  AND HOLY HELL THEY DON’T PICK HIM. They pick Anthony Bennett! SHOCKER. Bill Simmons is genuinely perplexed. I am too. I suppose he would make a great pick and roll partner for Kyrie Irving, and projects to be a 20 and 10 player going forward, so I suppose it could have been worse. They could’ve drafted me (absolutely not—Ed).

Pick 2, Orlando Magic: The Magic are still undergoing a rebuilding project of sorts and have what they want in explosive guard, Victor Oladipo. There is absolutely no way they do not take him and I cannot fathom a scenario where they don’t go with a player who projects to be a star, given his immense upside. And that is what the Magic do in selecting Oladipo, which is fantastic. Hopefully they can slot him into the starting rotation now that Arron Afflalo is gone.  Oladipo was one of my favorite players in the college game last season and I’m hoping he’ll flourish in the NBA with Orlando.

Pick 3, Washington Wizards: Washington Wizards are now on the clock.  Based on conversations I’ve had with Felipe M, this is one of the teams we’re hoping, with the right moves, can make the playoffs.  And I can only see one payer over here which addresses the need the Wizards have at SF. And as I type this out, Otto Porter was selected by the Washington Wizards. This is a perfect fit for this team. Great wing player to pair with John Wall and Brad Beal and is able to play off the ball well. Good defender and willing to defend, I hope he does help the Wizards make the playoffs.

Pick 4, Charlotte Bobcats: Hey, look! Nerlens Noel is still on the board! Alex Len is still on the board! Ben McLemore still on the board! Picks looking good for the Bobcats: three fairly safe picks up there. And the Bobcats decide to pick CODY ZELLER!!??!! A major downgrade from Noel or Len, Zeller is a bizarre pick for number 4. Once again, the Bobcats are snakebitten by one Michael Jordan. What are they thinking in Charlotte? 

Pick 5, Phoenix Suns: ALEX LEN HAS JUST BEEN DRAFTED AHEAD OF NERLENS NOEL. Hey, maybe we have a Geno Smith situation occurring here at the NBA draft regarding Noel.  Somebody cue Tom Petty. Anyway, this was a fantastic pick for Phoenix. Rumors pegged the Cavs picking Len as well and I’m not surprised. Suns love him and he can take over for Marcin Gortat eventually. Of course the Suns medical team had hang-ups about Noel’s knee, but Len is the second best big man in this draft and a good pick for Phoenix. 

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