Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creative Writing...First Chapter Posting

Hello everybody.  I am currently a writer who is trying to get my book published.  My manuscript is basically finished, but I would like to see if anyone would actually want to read it.  It deals with political and social problems.  It also blends animals with human characteristics, having a satire tone to it, meaning that the characters will be animals (literally).

For now, I will post/release chapters of my book periodically in this blog.  If you have any advice on how to get a work published or if you have tips for improving the chapter or novel, please comment.  Feedback would greatly be appreciated.  Please enjoy the prologue to this novel.
“Peace in our times,” is the widely used phrase in The Fat Cat’s empire.  Justice, equality, peace, and order spread throughout the land like a perfectly spread of butter on toast.  
            The history of this land is connected to its famed ruler, The Fat Cat.  Born into the cities’ many slums, he was a victim of the injustice and violence that plagued the city.  A young kitten in those days, he witnessed the social ills and the sufferings of poverty.  As he grew older, he learned that the city was being oppressed and ruled by power hungry animals.  They were the ones who divided the city into sections and each claimed their territory, sparking territorial wars, leaving many to suffer.  But The Fat Cat sought to change the city into a peaceful one, and began to conquer these territories and overthrow one ruler at a time until the only one left of the powerful animal rulers was the Big Dog himself.  Big Dog’s gang claimed the largest territory in the city.  Big Dog was said to have marked his territory on every spot of the city before he became ruler.  But his demise came when The Fat Cat and a new rival gang overthrew Big Dog together.  The Fat Cat and this mysterious rival gang decided to make peace, but eventually The Fat Cat absorbed the rival gang.  Many animal scholars debate the issue on whether it was either absorbed or conquered.  The victor always ends up writing the history, so no one will ever know for sure.  Nobody even knows The Fat Cat’s real name.  What is known about this new ruler is that he grabbed control of all of the cities’ resources, announced to the world that tuna is the new currency, set up strict laws, imposed taxes, and has placed strict laws in a lawless city.  In return, violent competition has disappeared and many who are in need of help are always aided by The Fat Cat’s many institutions.
Indeed, these were peaceful times.
                So it would seem that everyone was happy in this Utopian world that The Fat Cat has created.  But that was not the case with one cat.  This one cat, which sits everyday in the lap of his owner and constantly plots for ways of getting more power, is named Albacorcky.  He waits patiently for the time to grasp the power that The Fat Cat wields.  The owner feeds the cat, but his weight is constantly monitored.  He is groomed to perfection every day and is cared for along with Albacorcky’s other fellow cat roommates, but they are never spoiled.  He grows tired of living a house pet’s life.  Albacorcky’s hobbies are to climbs the top of the house and look towards the city ambitiously.  The wait for fame and power will come to an end.  His plots that will lead him to success and glory begin now.                     

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