Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MORNING PLAYLIST: Wednesday the Third Edition

Felipe M

How cool is that?  There won't be another one until September--of 2014.  Here's what's on tap for this morning:
  1.  Murder by Death: "The Devil Drives"--In Bocca al Lupo (2006): 
    • "Everybody hopes that life is like a dancer's pirouette.  With grace we've dodged each conflict and decision that we met."
    • "Everybody tells themselves that they must be justified.  They do what they do because they're trying to get by."
    • "We've made mistakes that we can't chage, but there's still time to start again."
  2. Saves the Day: "Wednesday the Third"--In Reverie (2003): 
    • "Now as I lay by your side, would you tell me why everything has to be lies?"
    • "Wednesday the third was the night that you rambled alone in the frigid white light, like a leopard about to dig into trembling skin, with wind whipping your shins."
    • "Now as I lean to the side, I can see all the thoughts that you're trying to hide."
  3. The Gaslight Anthem: "Howl"--Handwritten (2012): 
    • "Does anything still move you since you're educated now?"
    • "The sound of the cars rushing the rain on the boulevard in this city by the sea that has always haunted me."
  4. The Gaslight Anthem: "Mulholland Drive"--Handwritten (2012): 
    • "Did you sleep last night and do you remember dreams?  Do I ever cross your mind and do you ever think of me?"
    • "But it scared you, love, to need someone, so you killed it all instead, but in the mist up on Mulholland, I could've sworn I heard you say..."
  5. Nada Surf: "Concrete Bed"--The Weight is a Gift (2005): 
    • "You've used up the easy streets and you lost your taste for treats."
    • "It's just another wish you wished in a very long list."
  6. Weezer: "El Scorcho"--Pinkerton (1996): 
    • "Goddamn you half-Japanese girls!  Do it to me every time."
  7. The Shins: "Turn a Square"--Chutes Too Narrow (2003):
    • "Even I don't know why I can't just stay the course, keep my hands on the wheel."
  8. Neutral Milk Hotel: "Holland, 1945"--In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998):
    • "The earth looks better from a star.  That's right above from where you are."
Very mellow playlist this morning, but somehow it fits the mood on a dreary, drizzly Chicago day.

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