Thursday, April 26, 2018

(Used) Devon test drives a Hyundai Tucson

Looking for the best value for money? The Hyundai Tucson maybe one of those vehicles you'd want to consider. But with the Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue, Hyundai has a tough gig on its hands.

The standard 2-liter four-cylinder produces 164hp. It's a great engine but feels gutless when you want to really put your foot down. The 2.4 is a much better choice. It produces 182hp and is much more suitable for those who want that extra oomph on the highway. Both engines can be had with optional all-wheel-drive. But we think that it's best to have this with front-wheel-drive unless you really need the extra traction.

If you want fun to drive you best look at the Ford Escape or Volkswagen Tiguan. You won't really find too much thrills behind the wheel of the Tucson. The suspension is geared more towards comfort rather than handling so there's a bit more body roll than we'd like. But at least the ride is smooth and decent around town. Its sad that the suppleness of the ride fades away over rough surfaces. It's not as composed as the class best. The steering is overly light and lacks feedback. At least wind and road noise are well hidden in the cabin.

All the controls are within easy reach of the driver's hand and the driver's seat does offer plenty of support for drivers of all sizes. The rear seat offers ample room and has enough space for five if the passengers are willing to share out the space. Boot space is about average with rivals but its not class leading.

Standard GLS trim adds 17-inch alloy wheels, air-con, Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile phone, LED brake lights and six way adjustable driver's seat. You'll have to step up to the SE to get automatic headlights, roof rack, touch screen display and heated side mirrors. Top of the range Limted trim adds leather seats, 18-inch alloy wheels, push button ignition system and windshield wiper de-icer.
On paper the Tucson seems like a good deal. It's priced good and offers the longest warranty on any new car in America. But there are rivals that offer a more engaging driving experience plus resale value on them are much higher. However, if you prefer the peace of mind of a long warranty the Hyundai is a great choice. It's just not the best choice.

Likes: Long warranty. Decent amount of kit for a low asking price.

Dislikes: It's not engaging to drive and resale value should be a bit of a worry.

Devon's Pick: SE trim seems to offer everything that you'll ever really need without over paying. The engine offered is our favorite and the overall packaging is very compelling.

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