Wednesday, October 18, 2017


We all know that there are few drivers out there who really don’t want a crossover. So we’ve decided to list our top five picks for vehicles that aren’t crossovers.

Volkswagen Golf wagon
The TDI engine is no more for the U.S. which really is sad because that was our favorite engine combo for the wagon.  You can still get this with a smooth and responsive 1.8 turbo engine which pumps out 170hp. All-wheel-drive has been added to the range but you can get it with the S trim. The interior is classy and the boot space while not the best in the class, it is a lot better than many crossovers of similar size. You can’t go wrong with the Golf Wagon it really is a jack of all trade.

Volvo V90
You’ll have to special order this if you want this wagon but it is well worth the considering especially since it is cheaper than the V90 CC and XC90. You get two engine choices which are shared with the S90. We’d say avoid the entry-level T5 and go right for the T6 AWD which has a more flexible engine and well it doesn’t really costs much more. The V90 is more expensive than the Golf but it is such an elegantly designed wagon that it’s pretty hard not to give it a second look.

Volvo V60 Polestar
Yes this is a very expensive wagon but at the same token it is a very powerful one at that. All-wheel-drive is standard and offers plenty of grip when things get slippery and the interior is very tastefully Swedish. It may not appeal to everyone considering the wagon stigma but if you are a driving enthusiast you’ll pick this over any crossover any day.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) Estate, 2017.jpg

Mercedes E-class wagon
This is the most expensive wagon on the list and yes it’s a Mercedes we get that, but it is simply elegantly designed. The turbo six-cylinder engine is smooth and flexible. You also get a very classy interior with a boot so big that you won’t even need a crossover for space. We do hope that Mercedes decided to bring the diesel version of the wagon in 2018 when the CDI makes a comeback.

BMW 3-series touring
We’ve praised the 3-series touring as the best BMW of the range. It offers plenty of space in the boot, it’s the most stylish and also the only real all-wheel-drive diesel wagon you can currently buy in the U.S. Yes those who wrote on blogs bring an all-wheel-drive wagon here well it’s either this or nothing at all. The turbo four-cylinder also has plenty of flexibility and the overall driving experience is on point with the sedan. We just wish that there was a 320 trim offered or maybe even a turbo six in the 340 trim for a few thousand more to spice things up.

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